Meet Thoche – An Ankara Bag & Accessory Brand

I came across this ankara brand about a month ago on Instagram, and I was amazed by her crafts and designs. She introduced her new ankara laptop bag design on her IG story, it was the first I’d ever seen, so I placed an order for one. (See image below 😍)

This bag literally fits in my work laptop, a 500 paged book, my 2 journals, my under arm sure spray, and still has more spaces in the bag.


Her full names are Igbukolu Anthonia Uchechukwu and she is a certified bag maker. A graduate of Petroleum Engineering with a passion for designing and creating handmade bags and accessories. Thoche was born out of passion to do something after realizing that the labor market wasn’t going to be favorable to her.

Thoche Enterprises designs and creates 100% handmade bags and accessories with African prints mostly, all designed to make my amazing clients stand out.

She learnt to make bags in 2015 at a 2 weeks skills acquisition training organized by her church. Her decision to turn that skill into a business 3 years later came from understanding that the basic skill she was given could be used to create amazing pieces.
So there you have it people, vibrancy and creativity equals a sustainable business.
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creative burnout
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