3 Ways To Eliminate Negative Thoughts

3 Ways To Eliminate Negative Thoughts

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If you have been having a hard time getting stuff done, it’s probably because you don’t believe you can finish it! Not necessarily because you haven’t had enough time, or you’re too busy, or the task at hand is really difficult, that only adds up to your inability to believe that you CAN.

Negative thoughts vary from different angles of your lifestyle measured by what you think about, why you think about it, and what you’ll think about next. I am trying so hard to loose weight, but I’m more terrified about how I gained weight, and this did not happen overnight, I just realized the skin under my skin became more visible and, some people rudely call me fat. (Like, have you seen a fat person?)

Nonetheless, how do you know when you have negative thoughts? I’m guessing you don’t until after you’ve allowed negativity fuel your thoughts. First, you worry about negative thinking, trying to be conscious that you forget to exercise more on positive thinking. Ever heard someone say they don’t want to think negatively about a situation, and then moments after they say something negative? See, you will never know until harm’s done.

It is a big deal to always steer clear from negative thinking, if not, give me one reason why you’re still thinking you can’t finish that project, or lose weight, or get that dream job, or travel out of the country, or stop your vices? No, I need you to tell you why you are being so negatively sure about your awesome, spectacular self?

I’ve thought about it too, and based on a couple of research, backed up with resolution, I’ve found 3 ways to eliminate negative thoughts.

  1. Embrace Negative Thinking: Then swap each negative thought for the opposite. Like, “I am never going to finish this project on time (negative), but if I break this project in little tasks and extend my hours to make sure I complete this project by (insert deadline here), maybe I just might finish this project on time!”. See? or you can try, “Oh God, I’m so fat, never going to lose weight (negative), but if I sign up at the gym, 3 times a week, cut down on calories and sugar, I should be able to lose 10 pounds by (insert deadline here).” Sometimes, all you need is a reverse psychology to achieving your dreams. There you go, smile!
  2. Acknowledge Criticism: “Julia, you have added too much weight, why do you look so ugly?” My response; “Oh life changes at some point, evidence of constant growth my dear, I wish I could say the same for you, you haven’t changed one bit! I’ll be hitting the gym next week, what about you, how’s your health?” Did I say too much? Lol, I could go on… Once I know that I am aware of my flaws or changes, they don’t become negative thoughts anymore, it could only attract negative people, and the best way is to respond to them with a positive, confident and courageous attitude. Now that’s something they don’t come by every time. High five!!!
  3. Breathe: Sometimes, I just want to – not care about what I do. Then I remember how far I have come, and where I’m going, so I try to take deep breaths, relax, and smile. Everything gon’ be alright!
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