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5 Things You Should Never Be Sorry For

Be Unapologetic

“I’m Sorry…”

Cliche. I often apologize for almost everything that occurs in my life, and I’m starting to think, was it necessary? Being nice shouldn’t degrade me sympathetically, just ’cause I have to make the other person see through my honesty and humility. I’ve got to say most times ‘sorry’ for the usual things that I needed to cut off and move past the event, and now coming to realization, should I have been apologetic?

Forget kindness for a while, and let’s facts, what are the things you sympathize unnecessarily for? For me, I was able to scribble out 5 of them, and I’m happy to be sharing them with you. Cool?

1. Your Vibe: Your energy is 1 of 10 lights that shines bright inside of you, that makes you truly who and what you are, so why bother about being explosive? If people don’t get your vibe and they tell you to tone it down a little bit, you need to tell them to start carrying a pair of bullet proof. Sometimes, we get super excited about stuff and we just want to get out of that container and tell the world about it, but then we can’t because there are people around us who will never approve of it, and so we stay in the loop and give an unsounding ‘Yaaay’. Don’t you even dare be sorry about that. It’s not your fault you dived into their well of commonness, they just weren’t prepared for you, and so, unto the next one! (They actually didn’t get the memo for your various positive vibes).

2. Your Appearance: Hang on, close your eyes and open ’em, see… You’re enough! I’m at this point in my life where it doesn’t matter anymore if I’m tall, dark in complexion, got braces on, no makeup on my face, repeating my cloths every week, or if I’ve got only a pair of shoes, the only problem people are starting to have is that, I’m a little bit too much for them. Ever heard somebody ask you why you look like that, or why do something unusual? Yea, don’t get mad, it’s a process they have to go through to getting used to you. I don’t believe in perfections, sometimes, our brokenness could be somebody else’s strength – and maybe, taking our time to polish up shouldn’t be a complication in any way. Do you understand me?

3. Your Past: Sigh, this is one thing I’ve outgrown, though, I’m reminded by other people that this was where or what, I came from. “I don’t need your permission to start over again and revive what was lost in my past. No, I’m definitely not being rude – I just need you to know that; you’re not in anyway helping me outlive my past by bringing it up as a subject now.” This should be something you in turn, have to remind them about. “Sorry, that I wasn’t good enough…” Bleeeh, “I have no regrets about who I was then, but I’m grateful for who I’m becoming and the great things I am yet to do.” Yasss! That’s the way to do it. (Are you happy?)

4. Your Feelings: Your emotions come from a very high place, and in translation pours out in different streams. Don’t feel sorry about it, rather, take advantage of it. Would you rather be a robot that everybody would like to toy with than be HUMAN, because others too are? You better be human, trust me, you would never have to ask for more. I often feel hurt when a guy tells me I’m not that pretty, or my boss says to me “Julia, you lack efficiency”. I wish there was a way I could clean up that part of me that gets sad, and be HUMAN but, then I wouldn’t be alive. Yes, we may not be up to standards, but we are trying to catch up, and if it’s no good for our spirits, we make the best decision, that is: “I Can’t Do This No More“. Any objections?

5. Your Dreams: I’d be mad if someone told me that I dream too big or called me a ‘Joseph’. WTH? I did not come to this world to hear you call me crazy, which I think can be a compliment, but I’ve got a purpose and I don’t care how long it’ll take, I certainly am going to achieve them, one after the other. With that, you need to stop identifying yourself with little minds with No Future Ambition. You’re different, and that’s OKAY!

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