5 Ways To Crush A Creative Burnout

5 Ways To Crush A Creative Burnout

creative burnout

I started experiencing a creative burnout when I tried to be everybody’s messiah, and I thought to myself; “This is Jesus job not mine.”

Sincerely, a creative burnout is a state of nothingness, exhaustion, unwillingness, otherwise – no reason to be bored. I continually lose interest in the basic things of life and that seem to fill up unanswered questions in my head. I don’t get comfortable when I’m faced with a challenge at work, most especially something that I’m pretty new to, and being asked to work on. It makes me feel unable, ineligible and useless. But I’ve realized the certain things that I need to do to not dive into this thing called a creative burnout.

For  someone like me; I love to be in the NOW, I like to think, create, express, participate, volunteer, achieve and do it all over again, but I’d be lying to myself if I said it all makes me happy, because I can’t be everywhere and be nowhere at the same time. So, here are 5 ways you too can crush a creative burnout.

  1. Slow Down – If I sense that I’m doing too much at work, it freaks me out. I get this rush of excitement, then I suddenly feel sad in some type of way. I like to think of myself as an elephant, in such a way that, I can be big at doing stuff, but I can take my time still, and get things done.
  2. Schedule Work Hours – Before my new job at this NGO firm (confidential), I felt some need to always keep my hands on deck. Like always do something, type or research on anything, then I noticed how much rest I have been depriving myself of. When my friends tell me that I like too much work, I didn’t quite get the message until I pinned down my creative burnout moments. So, if it’s a 9-5 job, then it is what it is.
  3. Find A Creative Space – I always do this one – in several ways. I listen to music, or completely create an imaginary world at work, where there is Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Black Widow or Super Girl, and we’re conquering the world together. (That kind of imagination😂 )
  4. It’s Okay To Say No (!!!) – Okay, this is a hard reminder for me. I detest the fact that I don’t know how to turn down offers, especially when it involves a regular pay, and then I find myself battling with it. Agreeing to work on something that is not aligned with my core passion, is the end of my creativity. So, I guess (No to that man that needs a digital marketer this weekend) I have to balance up my work roles first, and maybe later, I can fit in some other things.
  5. Take Advantage Of The Weekend – Yasss! Saturdays and Sundays are for the creatives – it’s the only days I get to be freaky, allowed to do the random childish stuff, and put myself in Beyonce dancing shoes!

Literally, my point is: Don’t wait for a creative burnout to happen to you, be sensitive enough to know when you need to time out, be honest with your fears and goals at what you do, be focused, multitask, eat a nice cupcake or chocolate, chat up someone, laugh a little, smile widely, hug someone – (not the point) and kick ass!

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