About TWJ

Glad you could join us here! This is a basic lifestyle – life-hack blog where you can read on improving yourself daily and learning more about the things that work for you.

Julia says – I have been meaning to start up a blog, but every time I do, there’s an excuse to inconsistency and devotion. Right here, right now, is where I wish to pursue my dreams and speak my heart out to the world. Yes, my opinion counts!


5 years ago, Julia could almost talk about anything to everybody she meets and liked to follow the trend. Julia may not be an alpha to everybody, but she inspired herself more importantly, and wanted the things she knows about to reflect on youths like her. Julia is youthful – Julia wants to live to make a difference – Julia wants to help young fellows like her to get through with everyday – Julia has found possibilities within herself – Julia understands you, her and him – even though we all know that Julia is trying to beat perfection.

Julia says – I aim to reach out to 10,000 youth like me, giving meaning to greatness and providing opportunities.