At the Expense of (Un) Happiness

At the Expense of (Un) Happiness

Question everything you were told.

They don’t tell you the things you should know, that you are very powerful, but they rather use you to their advantage.

They mislead you into a fake world of perfection and remind you why you came to the world, for them, for all of them..

If you asked them, why you’re alive, they say it’s by God’s grace, but really ask them again, they don’t know.

Do you understand why they get angry at you for not pleasing them? For not giving them the opportunity to take to their level? You just don’t listen to them now, do you?

Stop listening – pay attention, ask questions of why, what, when, and how, you deserve to know. Let them talk, but make them listen.

Communication is pretty difficult – You want to say so much, and suddenly you just want to remain in your zone, to not get insulted or rejected.

I tell you, let them reject you for a while, you too need some space to learn to accept who you are. The moment you do accept who you are, then it’ll be easy to forgive you.

When you forgive yourself for all your mistakes and trespasses, then you can forgive them too. They really don’t understand their existence and also asking the same questions as you are.

You just don’t know it.

So when they show up to tell you who you are and what you should be, or do – make an announcement that you have moved on.

You should move on to a place where you can no longer find or feel pain. Where there’s only joy and happiness. Where every question that you ask has an answer, where it all makes super sense.

You should really move on to a place where you no longer need the permission of those people to arrive, to become, to flourish, to love, to laugh, to breathe.

You have arrived – You’ve paid your dues, now it’s time to collect what you came for – all expenses have been paid.

Happiness – delivered to you on a platter of gold. You won’t find scratches or broken parts. It’s super neat, have you seen what’s inside?

Life, and energy. You deserve all of it! You’re worth it! You would also find a pair of wealth, 3 rings of favor, 6 diamonds of love, 9 platinum gold card of excellence, all renewable and refillable.

You should know that, you came into this life for a purpose, when you find that purpose, then every other thing shall be added unto you, my dear friend.

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