Becoming 2 – A Different Phase of You

Becoming 2 – A Different Phase of You

People can act like they know all about you, but you think most of you is hidden in a treasure box waiting to be discovered by the right people. Maybe there’s no treasure box, and perhaps, the most of you has been shut out of the madness that runs in the society. That doesn’t make you sane, and no you’re not insane, you are, evolving.

You are becoming.

You’re beginning to see life take different forms of love, art and unusual happenings around you. You are more aware of your body languages, their body languages, their reception, including your mood swings. You feel weird, different from regular, like a caged bird with the keys to be freed from its bondage, and you’re aware, but you need to figure out stuff. You need to know why somethings happened the way they did and why you’re still stuck in the same spot you thought you’d get away from easy. Hey, we all get stuck, and we all get freed!

But on a swing, you’re not certain if you’d switch from lucky to unfortunate, no need to approve, what had gone wrong with your mind right? Chill, you’ve got this.

You don’t feel the pain like you used to because you’re on some journey of discovery, in search for something real, something deep but true. You don’t get hurt or think about why they hurt you. You think about why you let them, stupid. But yet, you are beginning… to know, to understand, and that’s fine.

Taking a form of recognition, acceptance and evolution, pressed towards the mark of a higher calling, intending to bear possession of an everlasting knowledge. You know who you are… and you’re not seen or heard making progress, but will be shown through an awe audience. Dearly, you have taken a form to be recognized, accepted and always evolving.

To Become, To Begin to be…

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