BECOMING – 3 Actual Effects to Getting On

BECOMING – 3 Actual Effects to Getting On

Become: To begin to be…

Yes, I totally shaved off the fading gold color and got up close to a skin barb. I, did that. All my life I’ve been presented the fear of actually doing the things that made me feel comfortable and beautiful. The first and last time I shaved my hair off was when I was 10, and it was due to a damaged scalp, so doing it the second time alarmed a lot of peeps like ‘WOAH!!!” they’ll definitely get the hang of it.

My hair action was inspired by the movie ‘Nappily Ever After’, about a lady who risked her life to be the perfect girl a guy wants. Well you see, happiness should completely come from within when we start to accept ourselves for who we really are, this way, the rest of the world would have no choice but to just go with the flow.

Going bald has motivated me to project the boldness and confidence in me. It wasn’t ever about the long weaves or the braids, and never really about the makeup on my face, I just had to deal with the syndrome of attractiveness and own it! I’m at peace with myself because I did what I felt was right, so every day when I wake up, I’m giving my head a sweet slow romance and putting a real smile on my face. I bet if you saw me, you’d think I’m a model, haha, otherwise, let me be your African Queen.

Becoming: You’ve had Toke Makinwa shared her bits, Mitchell Obama and other notable authors like Brian Tracy, Joel Osteen all passing the message of Becoming. Well, I am here to give to you in a nutshell the 3 actual effects that could help you get on.

  1. Only you can make the right decision and one hurtful mistake: The element of a risk taker, whether you think it’s genuine or not, but still have the guts to do it anyway, I call that bold. In love and in business, we try to manage our thoughts in a positive direction so that we don’t falter. Truth is, we are scared to make a mistake, and when we do, we regret, but we can change this by being fully responsible for our actions, and learn to move on. You can’t make the same mistake more than 3 times in a lifetime, your eye suppose don clear. Every mistake leads to a blessing, note that.
  2. Get past the blame: No, my parents are not the reason for my predicaments, I’m still learning to grow into the woman I want to become. I don’t blame my former boss for not believing in me, he inspired me to be better than I was with his firm. For every door that is shut closed in your face will certainly lead to another open door. Don’t resent, don’t dwell on past errors, measure your progress on what you do now!
  3. Live for now: Give undeserving love as you’d wished to be love. Many times I’m scared to just spend or invest, fact is, no matter how much you save, money will be spent. But you’ll need to drive through a target so as to enjoy the value of money. But money shouldn’t be the only source for happiness, there are a lot of people who do whatever they want and still are not happy with themselves, the moral is to find what makes us happy and just to do it. The whole happiness from within is real.

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