I’m thinking, is this a right topic to blog about?

Wait hold on, it’s TRENDS WITH JULIA! Yea so, I’m having at it!

First off, you should know that I recently quit my Job to gain position of a Public Relation Analyst in a NGO firm – My Dream Company. Secondly, you should also know that it was a tough decision to make, I saw the opportunity and dived right at it, giving my former employer such short notice for my resignation. It’s probably the saddest thing that has happened to me this year, but I’ve realized that, in order to move forward, I must be willing to separate from things.

However, I’m still in good terms with my former employer, even though he still can’t believe that I had to leave in such short notice. I guess the point I’m trying to make is, before you Quit Your Job:-

  1. Do ask yourself; Are you sure about Quitting? Because trust me, you don’t want to quit your job because somebody somewhere told you to.
  2. Do carefully think about it; Are you doing enough? I mean, meeting goals, adding value – you cannot quit your Job because you feel your work is a lot to handle.
  3. Do make sure you understand the purpose of having that job in the first place; You must’ve gotten that Job because you saw some value in it. Be it the salary payment or the reputation of the company.

So there you go… Still want to quit your job?


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