News – 23 Shades of Becoming

It’s been a minute yeah? I’m about to share some light on y’all today (and forever).

My first E-book was published on the 13th of March 2019, my birthday, and so many things have begun to happen. Some of which seemed magical, that the right things are starting to fall into place. If you don’t already have my e-book you can get it here on TWJ Shop or on Okadabooks.

However, I’ve never felt so much gratefulness, love and total acceptance for being me, at all. This new Julia is lit, and I just want to brag a little bit about it on this post.

However… My first 2 projects for this year are and 23 Shades of Becoming.

I have found my purpose after so much time spent on doubt and regret, all I feel now is the Law of Attraction starting to get into place. You’ll remember that I stated this, and you just might find your purpose through this evolution.

I love you guys, and I can’t wait to BLOW YOUR MINDS AWAY!


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Book Review: Think and Grow Rich

Hey there! It’s been a minute, and I’m not about to bore you with how “life happened, then work”. So here, is a book review on ‘Think and Grow Rich’. You know what’s tricky? Having to buy and read this book twice in the space of four months. Well, the first time I bought this book, was more like an old book, for N500. I didn’t quite understand the book; it pretty much felt like I was just reading coupled words about how to make instant cash. But I was wrong; I didn’t exactly follow through the detailed instructions from the book. So, I came across the same book and it appeared classier and yea, it turned out to be a revised version from the old book, which was originally written by Napoleon Hills.

However, the new version of this book was revised and expanded by Arthur R.Pell mainly for the 21st Century. This clearly explains why I couldn’t relate clearly with the original version which was published in 1937, and all of us here were not born. This is a major reference as to what this book did to a lot of successful people in the 19th century and what it could possible, do now!

What this book will do to you:

  • Identify your goals
  • Master the secret of true and lasting success
  • Obtain whatever you want in life and,
  • Join the ranks of the super-successful

So if you must know, I, am already taking the steps that I should’ve take some years ago. But I figured I’m still very young and vibrant and that it is not too late to get started.

So, you can get this book for N1500 or N2500 depending on the area… Don’t miss out on the mind opening this book would give to you!

PS: On chapter 2, the instructions totally worked for me! Well, only because I believed. You can try this too, but you gotta believe it!

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What’s up guys! Okay so, I’m writing a review on Pop beach, I’ve only been there twice and I am obsessed with the place. Don’t worry, I’ll share a few images so you can feel your presence there already. Which is possible by the way, in real time, moving on, this is going to be a long ass fun article, since I last wrote almost 2000 words on my Kush Cake experience. And I know a lot of you are still laughing hard at me, I’m gonna get you! (-_-)

The first time I was at Pop beach was with some boring crew, but I only tagged along because of a job, which I got paid one whole week after. (Ushering Jobs suck!) So, we had an uneventful day, it was supposed to be an after party for Burna Boy, but turned into a Superstar-didn’t-show-up ‘aftermath’, sort of. But you see, everything happens for a reason eh, I got the opportunity to meet with some crazy like minds and exciting souls and I wished they were simply the ones that I was hanging out with. Hold on, I did hung out with them, but I’m gonna cut short my first time experience and move on to my second visit to pop beach, which was awwmazing.

PS: I just feel you should know, that I misunderstood the Job. I literally had my top body painted in some scarce green and black sweat-washable ink, yea, including my big boobs and nipples. I think it’s what you’d call, a nude body painting, but I had my tights on. Then we were like three girls, the other two were so skinny, my God, flat chest and all, nothing like mine, and we were made to dance in front of the crowd in a spotlight for over 4 goddamned hours. I even wore heels. A bit of me just had to, just do it, because I really needed the money ya see, and I just had to get tipsy, and danced like no one was watching! (But… Whaaaaaaaaaat! The whole world was watching, someone even sent me a selfie photo that we took together.) The End! (Or like my Yoruba folks would say, Lobatan).

PSS: If you judge me, I’m gonna forward you my account details and you’ll send twice of what I was paid that day. Mean it!

Jessica Davids is just an awesome person, people like her sort of make the world a better place. She had all the vibe you could ever need from a soul, and she understood my kinda person. So we got in touch weeks after my last visit to pop beach, and I told her that I’d love to do a proper interview with her for my blog (I need to get some of her bio details and photos in the nearest future). So last Sunday, she invited me to the same beach, Pop Beach. I couldn’t turn her down, even when I felt so lazy and reluctant to go anywhere, but hey, I did go, that’s why I’m writing my experience here, and now. (To replace old one too, but you’ll be reading this later on.)

Getting to the point now… Pop beach is exotic, apart from the part that it is a private beach house, it just really gives you all the relaxation you’ll ever need. But let me mentally, take you on a ride with me to this wonderland! You ready? Owe some cash and booze o… Okay let’s go!

You’ve got to take a boat from any ferry park; there’s CMS, Bonny Camp, Farm City in Lekki, Waterside, or Ikoyi Queen’s drive. Fare depends on where, but ranging from N500 – N4000, according to the list, and it’ll take about 30-45 minutes to get there. When you arrive, it’s got like a forest-path, that allows you walk just an eight minutes distance to Pop, it’s a straight-curvy and narrow road, with lots of sand to dig your feet into. Are you there now… This is where you should get spiked on.

They’ve got this colorful art paintings and materials that makes you want to gaze on them for a while, it has a clean 6ft pool and over 7 cabana with a celestial feel that could contain 70 people in them, then you can see the beach from the house, and could actually take a stroll if you wish to. They also have guest houses where you chill in, asides the cabanas. There are security guards, even if they don’t look like it, but I’m sure they know their jobs well. What else am I missing? There’s a tennis table, some workout tools, surf boards, yeeeep! And they got a frigging DJ and a Barbecue stand! Isn’t that so cool? I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures though but, if I get the chance to go there again, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Maybe I’d even celebrate my birthday there this year. (I have more pictures on my instagram if you want to see)

The owner, Akin, is an amazing person too, full of life and nature just deserves him some more.

Okay, this article wasn’t so long… I just want it to get to 1000 words already!

You can follow @popbeachclub on IG, see what they’ve got going on and make all your possible inquiries. Note that, if you’re also gonna have a party there, it can contain like 500 people, just bring a tent and a mattress to create extra cabanas.

PSSS: when is this gonna get to 1000 ugggh! You guys, I’m trying to slim down because we tried some yoga poses and I looked like Mrs Simpson. Ugh! Plus I was putting on a wig, that made me felt so flyyy and one lady by my side, during yoga just decided she could make everyone laugh by taking off my wig, revealing my coconut head. Yoga was meant to be serious! But uhh, “You’re all welcome!!” I made everyone’s day. And we have come to the end of this article! Lots of love!

1004 words!

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From 2018, My Reading List & 7 Tips to Reading a Book Fast

It is not so unfortunate that I couldn’t finish reading 50 books last year. Actually, from October till December was what I targeted to accomplish 50 books. Every gut in me was so certain I’d finish reading 50 books, even after getting a new Job and traveling a distance to work for 3 weeks, I still struggled with it. But in the end, 26 books were all I could defeat. But I’m proud to have achieved that from last year. So briefly, for those of you who’s wondered how I managed to have the faith of reading 50 books, it came and started with a great determination, and an insights to the purpose and importance of reading.

Right before I share my reading list, which some are in hard copies and others in PDF files, here are some tips to reading a book the fastest way.

  1. Identify your main purposes towards your reading goal: For me? An interesting book title is what it’ll take. I usually like to read words by words the tragedy or suspense from a book, rather than watch from a movie. Then when it comes to business improvement or developing my mindset, managing my understanding factors, and building my communication skills, inspirational or spiritual books does it for me. Especially when the curiosity is about to kill the cat.
  2. Get your first five books: even without an actual reading target, getting your first 5 books will always prompt you to want to know what the next book is about, especially if they have intriguing and fascinating titles.
  3. Get to know the Author: Their backgrounds, their love for writing, a few reviews on them, awards maybe but necessarily, so you don’t read up on wrong info.
  4. The first 12 pages of a book matters: This gives you an insight to what you’ll achieve right before you finish that particular book. Unlike Novels, the title from a business or motivational book could fill you up with ideas and all, the first and second chapters thereof, is to elevate you from your thinking box into your doing box, and by the time you’re reading from the 3rd, 4th and 5th chapters, you can fully grasp the message the author is trying to pass. So hanging into the rest of the book is just to keep your ideas coming. This works when you’ve actualized your reading goals and targeted the values you need after reading a particular book.
  5. Balancing your reading genres: From regular novels to motivational, to historical, to nonfictional and spiritual books, all these types of books tailored by your interest will build you a fast working mind!
  6. Childish but, count the pages in one chapter: Because I get bored by referring stories in a book, I like to target the subject’s aim in every chapter, by counting its first few pages. Sometimes too, the outlined text is all the info I need from that chapter. You’ll get to understand this when you’ve picked a book.
  7. You can pick a reading spot: My bedroom usually, then the buses, or at a sit out.

Now unto my reading list -:

  1. The Power of the Mind
  2. The Secret
  3. The Power
  4. The Magic
  5. The Celestine’s Power
  6. I Declare – 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life
  7. On Becoming
  8. New Life HNS
  9. The Fault in our Stars
  10. We Need to talk about Kevin
  11. Gone Girl
  12. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
  13. No Excuse – The Power of Self Discipline
  14. The 50th Law
  15. Haunted
  16. How to Win Friends and Influence People
  17. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
  18. The Power of Now
  19. The Secret of Possessing Joy
  20. Kaleidoscope
  21. The Girl Who Played with Fire
  22. Think and Grow Rich
  23. On Managing Yourself – HBR
  24. The Magic of Thinking Big
  25. Execution – The Discipline of Getting Things Done
  26. Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant – Guide to Financial Freedom.

I wish to write briefs on each of these books, but I’d rather you see it reflect in my forthcoming articles. So why not get your reading game on the move?

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What Dental Care are you missing out on?

Hey guys! This is it!

So, I’m just gonna share a brief information on dental care and why I think it’s so important. As I recently just got my teeth cleaned and upper teeth braces by a professional dentist. However, this article will be based on my little new dental experience.

Dental care is the maintenance of healthy teeth in order to avoid oral problems like bad breath, tooth decay, and ugly teeth spaces. My dentist told me that, an unattractive smile could be as a result of a bad teeth, and “one of the greatest gifts God has given to us is our smile.”

This is what I think my teeth looks like and what to expect after…

Family Dental Care

When I first had my teeth cleaning session with Dr Hitesh of the Family Dental Care in VI Lagos, I was nervous and excited, I’d always wondered what it felt like to sit in some surgical chair and have my teeth looked by a dentist. Most of the people I knew that visited the dentist always complained of sore or swollen gums, but I wasn’t all that scared. Maybe a little bit, but hey, it was such a great experience! And I wouldn’t stop talking about it. Lol, my smile and laughter even changed. After consultation with the dentist, I was told that I would need to get braces for my teeth, and I knew just why.

PS: Teeth Cleaning is different from Teeth Whitening.

Back in secondary/high school then, I had bullying names like, Eleyin Shamuga (in Yoruba Language, still don’t know what that means though) and Dracula, as in Vampire. I have spaces between my upper teeth, and my two front teeth pushed out awkwardly, I must’ve had an accident when I was growing up, don’t remember. But I did grow up with the intention of closing my teeth. I’m 22 now, words cannot express how lucky I am to finally align my teeth and close up those unattractive gaps.

I fixed my upper teeth braces 3 days ago, and I’m expected to check back in 3 weeks for my lower teeth braces. I still feel sore, an I’ve not been able to eat any of my favorite meals since, I’m hoping with time it’ll adjust. I won’t be able to bite/chew on anything hard or crunchy or sticky, which is also a great way to keep my teeth healthy during my bracing period.

Also, I think it would be a great way to watch my weight, ish, kinda, because I cannot be stressing on brushing my teeth after every meal. LOL

Quickly, here are the 7+1 things you need to do to have a healthy teeth and a very attractive smile.

  1. Brushing Twice Daily: When you wake up and before bedtime. Better to look at the mirror while brushing for self admiration.
  2. Use Whitening Tooth Paste: I’ve just found out that (Sensodyne and the other likes) the effect is 10 times stronger than any regular tooth paste.
  3. Flossing: There are usually some hidden particles between your teeth after eating, even brushing might not be able to clear all that. The tiny thread for flossing will remove those particles and keep your teeth safe from stains and bad breath.
  4. Mouth Wash?: Yes, just for cases where you’re too tired or lazy to brush at night and mornings sometimes
  5. Squish Squash: With water after meals or drinks, to keep the teeth from growing stains, especially if you’ve had some sugary or acidic meals or drinks.
  6. See a dentist at least twice in a year. I recommend Family Dental Care, and they are flexible with budgets and cheap lifetime registration fee for any time you need consultation.
  7. Have Mirror: Like your phone’s front camera, to always check what might be hanging out in the middle of your teeth.
  8. If you need to put on braces and file your teeth just to have a great comfortable lucky smile, don’t think too much about it, Just Do It! (You can set up small savings for it and sit with your dentist on what you’re willing to accomplish for your teeth”.)

Follow @fdclagos on instagram now, and hit ’em up with a DM!



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Introducing – PiggyBank.NG

Your usual ‘Kolo’ don dey global now ooo!

I remember reading several reviews about and how it may be another replica of MMM, and to be frank with you, not all reviews are worth believing until you’ve made a proper research and tried it yourself. I started saving on 2 weeks ago and it feels like the next big thing for me. First I got really scared when I tried to withdraw from the app, and it popped up a message like – “Juliana, Not Today!” I almost lost it ooo, because of what? on my own money again! Then I went further to do a proper research on how it works, and saw that I can only withdraw 4 times in a year, which… isn’t such a bad idea. That way, I figured I could get really serious with my target and put my savings on a fast track.

Is it safe?

Yes it is… Asides testimonies from various PiggyBank users, they are nothing like MMM. As a matter of fact, they are fromerly banked with United Bank of Africa (UBA), but have since acquired a Microfinance bank which is licensed by the CBN. PiggyBank works with all banks in Nigeria, accepting your active debit card to it’s system. (I feel though, this works only for master cards.)

How does it work?

Easy Peasy! Simply download their app at no cost on your phone and create a new account. Follow the registration process; you will be required to put in your debit card details, set how much you want to save, how frequently you want your fixed figure to be debited from your bank account, and also set a savings target. Though I registered on the web, and I set my savings on N1000 everyday to reach a target of N200000 in 180 days!!!

The cool part of this is that you can Quicksave to speed up your savings target! They will ask you to save N100 first to verify your card which will later be added to your funds. However, no need to be afraid, as your bank has to verify your card before it can work on PiggyBank.

This is an effective way for me to watch how I spend, and monitor my savings plan! No temptations really, unless you’re willing to have take out 5% of all your savings before withdrawal. Hehe, which I dare you wouldn’t, so chill…

If you’re ready to step up your saving goal – Click here to register!

PS: While you’re thinking you can start with your kobo kobo change, you cannot save less than N1000 a week and N5000 a month.

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Beauty Review: Olay Body Wash

A body wash that hydrates and leaves your skin moisturized after bathing like Olay.

I have used other products though but I really wanted to give this particular product a trial, and guess what? No for real guess…

It is the right body wash for my skin! Because I have a combined skin type, sometimes dry, sometime sensitive, I try not to use any body wash or bar soap to avoid rashes, discolorations and even eczema. Why i’m currently obsessed with this Olay body wash is that it leaves my skin feeling all simple clean with a fresh scent, especially after being sweaty and exhausted, this gives you a possible reviving feeling after washing up. And to think that they might be unreal with the added shea butter, this is so true and works like wowza!

However, it’s been 2 weeks now since I’ve had this amazing body wash, and I pretty much prefer it to any bar soap promising the same effect that I could get. Reason why;

  • It is cleaner and much easier to use – I don’t like having a bar soap that diminishes like Tom Tom, and the fact that it gets slippery and sometimes falls off my palms when I already have soap in my eyes.
  • It is not exposed – Unless you have a  soap case with a cover, bath gel in a plastic bottle is a lot more hygienic. Preventing all those unknown bacteria on the surface of the bar.
  • Leaves your skin softer, and a lot more moisturized than an actual bar soap – To be honest guys, let’s face the odds here, most bar soaps are even the cause to dry skin problems. I remember using one bar soap one time like that, after shower, I didn’t apply any body cream of sort, and I had an itchy skin for the whole of that day.

It doesn’t have to be Olay, but I do recommend this one Body Wash with its ultra moisture for a clean fresh bath!

And no it doesn’t lighten your skin, but it could give you an unusual clean glow for a beautiful skin.

I got mine for N3,000 but others might be selling at a lower or higher price. You can get this at an drugstore or beauty shop.

Please don’t go and buy fake one or the Nigerian made Olay ooo! Thank you!

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Beauty Review – Victoria’s Secret Body Mist

I can’t go one day without a seductive fragrance on my body, and this particular mist does it all. Even after a shower, whether before stepping out of my home or before bedtime, I can’t seem to feel complete with my pure seduction.

This is not a body deodorant spray or a strong cologne from a breakable glass bottle, it is a perfect body mist with a soothing fresh fragrance of red plum and freesia. This is by far the most girlish or ladylike scent I’ve ever had on me, and it makes me feel so comfortable and receptive (if you know what I mean, *wink*).

When I first got this perfume, I felt 2 pumps from the bottle was ever enough for one day, until I noticed that the fragrance doesn’t last for more than 4 hours at most. But this is what you get from a usual body mist, it is meant to cling unto your skin for a fresh convenient feeling only in a short while, and if you needed backup to refresh your body scent sometimes, then having a playful spray all over you will do just fine!

I spray at most 8 times from the bottle just to feel the whole fragrance all around me, then 3-4 times again at later hours. So I ensure that my Pure Seduction bottle is always in my handy purse wherever I go.

Won’t you just love to get one bottle? It is available at any drugstore or fragrance store.

I got mine for N6,500, but others might be selling at a lower or higher price.

Ffff –ff-fff-fff-ffff-ff-f-ff-f aaaaaah… feels good! lol

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Affordable Fashion Bags I Fell in Love With

For those of you who know me by now; I am not a lady’s-nice-bags fan. Regardless of being a girl, bags are not just in my must-haves set of materialistic things. But these set of bags made me change my odd impression about I feel about bags, especially the classy ones that allow you carry your favorite little stuffs.

They’re classy, fashionable and so girly, makes you look young and chic. These bags will complete your fashion statement for any outing that you have coming up.

And guess what?

They are so affordable (Ranging from 4,000 – 8,000 Naira).

You can order your bags directly from Aminat – 08160158881
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Book Review: Smart Money Woman

I read this book and it forever changed my life! Maybe not completely, they say old habits die hard, well… I have had to keep a lot of tabs on spending more and saving none. Literally, this book showed me a couple of few ways to spend wisely, and I am totally glad I unveiled this book at the right time.

Smart Money Woman simply opens a door to a way of living independently as a woman, and not just being a slay queen. It’ll give you an insight on how to spend and save for the right purposes, especially when you have strong wants just to live a sophisticated lifestyle. I knew that ‘Doing it for the Gram‘ wasn’t gonna add to my bank account balances but leaving me inside ‘Gbese’ if i am not careful enough.

My favorite part of this book is learning how to manage my income for three different purpose –

  1. Long Term Financial Goals
  2. Short Term Financial Goals
  3. Living Expenses

This is indeed a great start to the remaining half of the year, and I hope that you see the insight from this book.

PS. This book was written by Arese Ugwu.

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