10 (+1) Best Places to Eat in Lekki, Lagos

I was craving Shrimped Fried Rice and thought of where I could get the best meal in Lekki. As you know living in Lekki can Boug’ your life up, so you just have to stick with the advanced flow. Throughout 2018, my life was exotic; cooking at home became stressful and I just loved getting filled by the best (and affordable) restaurants in lekki.

I’ve gathered up a fitting nest for your regular cravings, in no particular order.

  1. Cactus Restaurant: If you want to be treated like a king or queen, this is the place to feast! I’ve been here just once, and I love everything about their service, food, ice-cream (I didn’t have any) and the convenience of the room. It was amazing… If you ever consider this place, just go along with your debit and credit cards, fresh notes of N1000s, and make sure your mobile banking is working too, and you go dey alright.
  2. Foodies Restaurant: These guys just opened in the heart of Lekki; I’ve not been here to eat, yet – but their food menu is currently tantalizing in my mind. And they seem affordable too. Definitely trying out their fried rice on number one order when I eventually visit.
  3. The Place: One of the first restaurant that understood the factors of healthy food in a conducive environment. It’s also ‘The Place’ to observe all sort of scenarios for your amusement; their brown cakes are LIT! No-not, edibles, un-harmful brownies. Asun has the right amount of spice and properly cooked; I’m sure you could fix a meal from N1,200 upwards.
  4. Bukka Hut: How do I feel about this now? Uhhhh, yea! Beans and plantain in here is tasty. Have you tried Banga (Palm Kernel Soup) Rice before? Hop in here and taste some real African Dish!
  5. Rhapsody: Not just a bar, you can also get good delicious meal in Rhapsody! They’re in Ikeja, and you can also find them in Circle Mall, Lekki. (I suggest you go for their chicken and chips!. Oooh Delicious!)
  6. Spur: Jollof rice and chicken is N1500 here, it’s not bad. I’ve also tried their Pork ribs too… One reason why I enjoy my meal here is because; there’s always a “SPURt” to charge. Make that two, so that as you’re charging your phone, you can take selfies and have your meal digest properly. Their Milkshakes are incredible too!
  7. Ocean Basket: If you’re looking to get great tasty sea foods, Ocean Basket’s got you! Their Calamari and Shrimps are the BOMB!
  8. Kilimanjaro: These guys literally have the one of best food menu for your satisfaction. They’ve got rice ‘n’ beans + the assorted peppered sauce, fried snails, eba african soup and stew too. You should try them out!
  9. BlackBell: I just recently discovered this restaurant last month, and to be honest, their meals are fresh and tasty! They’re on Admiralty road in Lekki Phase 1, they have the best of Nigerian and continental cuisine in a very cozy and comfortable environment. Check ’em out!
  10. MegaChicken: This for me, is your one stop shop for great Home-Like cooked dish! Ranging from continental to African dishes. Whether breakfast or Lunch or Dinner, they’ve got you! Their vegetable and egusi soup is a sure-meal bet, and yamarita and egg sauce is completely one of the best! Go on, try them out!
  11. Iya Lati: LOL my plus one! This is simply a local restaurant that I discovered in the Lekki-Epe axis. They have the best Yoruba made dishes; Amala, Ewedu, Gbegiri, Peppered stew, Rice/Beans, and even efo riro. They’re by the road safety office on Lekki-Epe road: To be honest, I don’t spend up to 700naira for a great satisfying meal.

Hope you enjoyed this article? If I missed out any vital information on this review, please feel free to drop a comment below.

With love…

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