Hello September!

It’s Been A While

Honestly, I’m not sure where I get this courage-refill from, every time I put my mind to doing something, let’s just say that I have resolved to just doing it anyways. I’m certainly not a perfectionist, but I try my best to make sure that everything I do is done correctly, without any big errors, otherwise, I could care less.

I don’t care about how this piece of article is going to come on this blog, but I would feel so much better knowing that I am back to blogging this time, with fresh new ideas and creativity.

I’ve been learning new things; remember that job I was so excited about? Well guess not, this will be my 5th month working for that organization. Turns out the plans they have is so much bigger than my expectation, so I have no regrets fulfilling dreams with them. I’ve decided that after the 6th month of employment with the organization, I’ll brag about them some here. It has been an awesome journey so far, 9-6 jobs don’t seem so bad after all. (You’ll understand soon)

My mom fell ill; I’ve been wondering what it feels like to not feel the left side of the body. From your face down to your toe, that sucks! I couldn’t believe that happened to mom, and I’ve been thinking, could I have been the cause of her stroke? She thinks a lot a lot about us, the things she expects from us and how, I specifically, have let her down in so many ways. I feel responsible for her, and I am going to try a lot harder to make her feel happy and free from worries.

Oh well, I consider this event to be a reminder of my purpose in life. I am close, but feels far, so I know now to put in more work, and passion, and faith in whatever it is that I dream of. Amen!

I’m currently looking for an apartment. When I settle, I’ll be more isolated to my goals and dreams, especially with the company I work for. I am looking forward to the great things that are yet to happen. Even you would know what I mean. If I put in all the work and plan toward it, boom! I’ll get there in no time.

This year’s coming to an end, I have also resolved to making one post per week on TWJ (Every Monday at 8:00AM), regular exercise, healthy eating, full focus at my Job,  0020read more often, attend seminars and events for networking, new side business plan, and ensure to write all my ideas in my journal. I am working towards a side business that could help fetch more funds asides my monthly salary, which is never enough. I will finish my second ebook and start the third one for 2019, then also, I will create a podcast account, and start vlogging. I’ve always wanted to talk about the things I write about.

The kicking? It’s just a job, do it to get paid, but don’t let it affect your personal dreams, because that, is truly your ultimate drive.

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Don’t Fake It, Prove It!

So, this thing about “Fake it till you make it” has a strong misconception about who we are and want to become. To make this topic more comfortable, I’ll narrow it to a recent event.

A week ago, I was tired and got into a cab with this lady. She asked some questions and I tried answering. We exchanged email addresses and started a conversation that same night.

I could’ve degraded her and held myself in a high place, act all bougee and stuff, but I had to submit myself to the energy of that moment.

Just yesterday, I and my colleague concluded a meeting with her firm and it was successful. I thought to myself; I didn’t know she worked for this organization. “Oh Mah Gosh!!” I could’ve lied about my job or who I am or something, and missed out on a great opportunity.

Point is: Prove it to people about how excellent you manage your current state. Sometimes, you don’t necessarily need to fake who you are already to who you’re totally not. If you play alot and still get things done, don’t you dare change that part of you, because someone out there is looking to connect with your weird ass.

Being WEIRD, is the new AWESOME!!!

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At the Expense of (Un) Happiness

Question everything you were told.

They don’t tell you the things you should know, that you are very powerful, but they rather use you to their advantage.

They mislead you into a fake world of perfection and remind you why you came to the world, for them, for all of them..

If you asked them, why you’re alive, they say it’s by God’s grace, but really ask them again, they don’t know.

Do you understand why they get angry at you for not pleasing them? For not giving them the opportunity to take to their level? You just don’t listen to them now, do you?

Stop listening – pay attention, ask questions of why, what, when, and how, you deserve to know. Let them talk, but make them listen.

Communication is pretty difficult – You want to say so much, and suddenly you just want to remain in your zone, to not get insulted or rejected.

I tell you, let them reject you for a while, you too need some space to learn to accept who you are. The moment you do accept who you are, then it’ll be easy to forgive you.

When you forgive yourself for all your mistakes and trespasses, then you can forgive them too. They really don’t understand their existence and also asking the same questions as you are.

You just don’t know it.

So when they show up to tell you who you are and what you should be, or do – make an announcement that you have moved on.

You should move on to a place where you can no longer find or feel pain. Where there’s only joy and happiness. Where every question that you ask has an answer, where it all makes super sense.

You should really move on to a place where you no longer need the permission of those people to arrive, to become, to flourish, to love, to laugh, to breathe.

You have arrived – You’ve paid your dues, now it’s time to collect what you came for – all expenses have been paid.

Happiness – delivered to you on a platter of gold. You won’t find scratches or broken parts. It’s super neat, have you seen what’s inside?

Life, and energy. You deserve all of it! You’re worth it! You would also find a pair of wealth, 3 rings of favor, 6 diamonds of love, 9 platinum gold card of excellence, all renewable and refillable.

You should know that, you came into this life for a purpose, when you find that purpose, then every other thing shall be added unto you, my dear friend.

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Moments of Creation (Un-defining Depression)

Undefining Depression
Do you think isolation can be a good thing? Not in anyway related to depression, but in a much more positive light, have you ever considered loneliness to be a cause for Creation, or a re-plan?
I was invited to talk on a vlog episode yesterday, and was asked what I do to avoid a state of depression… I replied with ‘loneliness’ and the other guest responded with a shock, “You must be sad then…”
Truth is, I spend most of my times alone; I get zoned into moments of Creation. If before I complained about getting bored or being slightly jobless, I obviously haven’t found what it was that I truly loved to do. But yeah, I’ve come to realize that I’m very different, and that makes me feel special in some type of way.


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How To Let Your Light Shine

I believe that there are three kinds of people in this Life.

  1. People who participate in your dreams and ideas because they’ve always believed in you, and they know that with a little push of motivation, you will certainly excel.
  2. People who congratulate your achievements because you’ve now become some kind of superstar that they adore, but don’t really take part in your moments of challenges; that’s not exactly their problem, but they see you do good things and hail you from afar.
  3. People who are intuitively regressive; it is in your moments of trails and setbacks that they observe you and throw unwanted advises at you. These kinds of people have never really done anything successful in life, so they’re looking for others to drag down with them. And hey, you’re probably the first guy that has attempted what they’ve always been scared to do.

Now, for the real question; How to let your light shine?

Keep Doing What You’re Doing!

If your ideas are too big for someone else to understand, then that idea is all yours. As long as it is good, and you believe deeply in it, nothing can ever go wrong with it. You have just beaten out all odds, so if you can activate your faith and work together, you can overcome anything.

…and the only way to let your light shine, is by


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Just Breathe

If it’s hurting – Then that’s good! Welcome to the passing stage of becoming a HERO. Now, how do you manage this situation? How is it even possible to let go of the pain? Relax – You can do this…


I know what it’s like to feel demoralized, de-energized; like you don’t have anything to live for. Trust me, I’ve been there; as a matter of fact, I was down this lane 20 hours ago. Which is why I’m inspired to publish this article.

When you start to feel like all hope is gone, don’t forget to let a huge amount of air into your lungs and observe the energy and life flowing through you. This is how you heal; remember that as long as you’re breathing, you still got a purpose to fulfill and that alone, is a million dollar blessing!


I want you to consider your alone times as a phase of creation. The ability to create something new comes from sincere meditation – and this can only occur when you spend some time all-by-yourself. Yes! Loneliness can be even so much exciting when you’ve finally discovered your true potentials.

Nah… Loneliness ain’t no depression – Depression is actually caused by a wrong effect of your mind. What I mean is – Whatever you think, you will become. So if you think you’re unworthy of the greatest miracles and wonders that’s meant for your life, then you’ll attract more stuff like that – frustration and the rest of those demons.

Now… Let me remind you again to –


You can only get better. And if you need to talk to somebody, I’m only one call away!

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Just Do What You Gotta Do!

“To get something you’ve never had, you are going to do what you’ve never done before.”

I asked my dad for N2000 Airtel airtime so I could subscribe for data at work today, and he said “Yes Sure!”

This the first time in over 7 years since I personally had to ask for anything. I grew up forcefully independent, I hated asking people for stuff and getting back excuses or nothing as to why I couldn’t get what I wanted. So I learned to always fend for myself. It’s amazing how we sometimes let pride take its’ toil on us with a pushy-like intention that, we can only do it for ourselves.

Even the universe needs help for creation.

I told a friend, and he called me Lucky. Nah, I’m blessed to have a father that still supports me and is rooting out for the great things that are yet to come.

You gotta stay true to yourself. If you want something so bad, big or small, cheap or expensive, you have to be prepared enough towards that expectation so that your goals or dreams can completely be achieved. But you must trust the process, it takes time, humility and a positive mindset to achieve great things.

Mind you, I had access to my bank account that would’ve enabled me to just top up directly from my phone, but I also have other people who are willing to help me, whether I have or not, they support me. I’m learning to stay humble, every single day of my life. There’s no doubt my dad’ll get 10x what he gives. It’s no physics; it’s the law of nature.

Think about it!

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Becoming 2 – A Different Phase of You

People can act like they know all about you, but you think most of you is hidden in a treasure box waiting to be discovered by the right people. Maybe there’s no treasure box, and perhaps, the most of you has been shut out of the madness that runs in the society. That doesn’t make you sane, and no you’re not insane, you are, evolving.

You are becoming.

You’re beginning to see life take different forms of love, art and unusual happenings around you. You are more aware of your body languages, their body languages, their reception, including your mood swings. You feel weird, different from regular, like a caged bird with the keys to be freed from its bondage, and you’re aware, but you need to figure out stuff. You need to know why somethings happened the way they did and why you’re still stuck in the same spot you thought you’d get away from easy. Hey, we all get stuck, and we all get freed!

But on a swing, you’re not certain if you’d switch from lucky to unfortunate, no need to approve, what had gone wrong with your mind right? Chill, you’ve got this.

You don’t feel the pain like you used to because you’re on some journey of discovery, in search for something real, something deep but true. You don’t get hurt or think about why they hurt you. You think about why you let them, stupid. But yet, you are beginning… to know, to understand, and that’s fine.

Taking a form of recognition, acceptance and evolution, pressed towards the mark of a higher calling, intending to bear possession of an everlasting knowledge. You know who you are… and you’re not seen or heard making progress, but will be shown through an awe audience. Dearly, you have taken a form to be recognized, accepted and always evolving.

To Become, To Begin to be…

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BECOMING – 3 Actual Effects to Getting On

Become: To begin to be…

Yes, I totally shaved off the fading gold color and got up close to a skin barb. I, did that. All my life I’ve been presented the fear of actually doing the things that made me feel comfortable and beautiful. The first and last time I shaved my hair off was when I was 10, and it was due to a damaged scalp, so doing it the second time alarmed a lot of peeps like ‘WOAH!!!” they’ll definitely get the hang of it.

My hair action was inspired by the movie ‘Nappily Ever After’, about a lady who risked her life to be the perfect girl a guy wants. Well you see, happiness should completely come from within when we start to accept ourselves for who we really are, this way, the rest of the world would have no choice but to just go with the flow.

Going bald has motivated me to project the boldness and confidence in me. It wasn’t ever about the long weaves or the braids, and never really about the makeup on my face, I just had to deal with the syndrome of attractiveness and own it! I’m at peace with myself because I did what I felt was right, so every day when I wake up, I’m giving my head a sweet slow romance and putting a real smile on my face. I bet if you saw me, you’d think I’m a model, haha, otherwise, let me be your African Queen.

Becoming: You’ve had Toke Makinwa shared her bits, Mitchell Obama and other notable authors like Brian Tracy, Joel Osteen all passing the message of Becoming. Well, I am here to give to you in a nutshell the 3 actual effects that could help you get on.

  1. Only you can make the right decision and one hurtful mistake: The element of a risk taker, whether you think it’s genuine or not, but still have the guts to do it anyway, I call that bold. In love and in business, we try to manage our thoughts in a positive direction so that we don’t falter. Truth is, we are scared to make a mistake, and when we do, we regret, but we can change this by being fully responsible for our actions, and learn to move on. You can’t make the same mistake more than 3 times in a lifetime, your eye suppose don clear. Every mistake leads to a blessing, note that.
  2. Get past the blame: No, my parents are not the reason for my predicaments, I’m still learning to grow into the woman I want to become. I don’t blame my former boss for not believing in me, he inspired me to be better than I was with his firm. For every door that is shut closed in your face will certainly lead to another open door. Don’t resent, don’t dwell on past errors, measure your progress on what you do now!
  3. Live for now: Give undeserving love as you’d wished to be love. Many times I’m scared to just spend or invest, fact is, no matter how much you save, money will be spent. But you’ll need to drive through a target so as to enjoy the value of money. But money shouldn’t be the only source for happiness, there are a lot of people who do whatever they want and still are not happy with themselves, the moral is to find what makes us happy and just to do it. The whole happiness from within is real.

Thanks for reading!

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Sorry Not Sorry – (Inspired From the Book; Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn)

I want to make a general apology to all the men out there, and at the same time, I’m totally not sorry.

I’m (not) sorry that we women are starting to put up a fake show into our lifestyle these days. Let’s just say the eyes wants what it wants.

I’m (not) sorry that we’ve actually mastered the art of high chemical products application to cover our flaws on our faces. What is now general called ‘Make-up’, but the initial excuse is to enhance our beauty.

I’m (not) sorry that, we want longer hairs, nails, lashes, fuller lips, some other eye color other than dark black and this fairer skin over melanin. This is we choosing to impress you.

I know at this point I’m not even making sense to you but, I am really (not) sorry.

Yes, we have created girdles and waist trainers to give us a figure 8 shape, bra and butt pads to lure you into infatuation. Our accent don’t even originate from its actual source ‘innit’?

I’m (not) sorry.

Oi papi!

You have bathed us with lies of loving us for who we are, regardless of our flaws.


Who’s Felicia?

Bye Felicia!


From stretch marks to acnes and pimples, then amoeba looking like figures, too fat, too skinny, too many spaces in her teeth, where the hell is her edges?

“You’re beautiful just the way you are…”

You lied through your teeth.

We started this home

I play the cool girl, damn I’m the reverse.

Good girl gone bad,

Slay mama,

Pink lady

“All that glitters ain’t gold”

But you like to taste from the pool of distraction all the time.


On a date,

I wear my wig,

Put my makeup on,

Heels 6 inches,

Bodycon gown to show you my curves,

“Girl, you so fine!”

Back home,

Laid in bed

Sex fucking good

Morning’s here

“Good morning”

And you don’t even look right back into my eyes or lean in to kiss my lips.



Unto the next one!

Roller coaster!

“These bitches so fake”

Boy I was in your bed last night, what’re you looking for?


I’m never gon be your cool girl.

Cool girl always do what you want!

Cool girl gon call you baby,

Cool girl gon clean for you,

Cool girl gon cook for you,

Cool girl gon let you pay her bills,

Cool girl never gon go through your messages because she’s cool man!

Cool girl gon suck your hard cock,

Cool girl gon fuck you real good,

Cool girls gotta make you cum first and always,

Cool girls gotta be submissive,

Cool girl must always fuck you real good,

Cool girl…

Cool girl…

“That’s my girl.”

Cool girl,





Not feminism, but an inarguably gender equality.

It’s okay if you’re in a relationship,

Love your man,

Respect your man,

Feed him when you can,

Sex him real good but make sure you’re loving it too.

And if you’re still single…?



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