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The Importance of Communication


The best way to communicate is by listening. Let me explain why…

Two months ago, when I started working for my current employer, paying attention to detail was difficult. I had my own ideas and ready to take initiatives without being asked to, but what I didn’t understand was why so much procedures on my job had to be taken.

I applied for the role of a digital marketing executive, with 45% knowledge of that profession, I couldn’t accept facts over matter. My miscommunication led to several mistakes and even misunderstandings between the organization and its’ partners. I realized I haven’t been listening and that I needed to slow down, unlearn what I already knew to be able to acquire new skills. In these two months, it’s been progressive and my role has stepped up to being a Community Relations Analyst.

So, this is life, I believe we have to slow down sometimes and try to see things from other people’s perspective. When we don’t listen or give attention to detail, we miss out on some vital information, and as such, unable to work efficiently or keep a good relationship. I tell myself occasionally, “Julia, you need to keep quiet, listen” because I’m a pretty good talkative myself, but I always have to acknowledge other people’s perspective.

Communication deals with a lot of mutual understanding. You have to be able to listen to understand, then to communicate. To avoid colliding into the other person’s angle, you must ensure that as you listen to every word, your eyes remain fixed on their body language. In the case of conversing over a phone call of text message, be mindful of your tone, especially if you have a strong relationship with them. However, submission is crucial for effective communication in the sense that, you try to agree to their own opinions first, before bringing out yours. Not necessarily agree, but show regards to their point of view.

I’m not big on communication myself, I believe it’s a process, getting to know someone, how things are done, sharing and implementing ideas, for the improvement of any cause.

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Life Hacks

11 Things You’re Doing Wrong Everyday in Your Life

I know that it is wrong because you’re not completely happy with yourself. Hang in there, you’re just about to fix all of that worry.

Earlier today, I had no intentions to go to work, so I panicked and began to cry. Just in the moment of feeling unworthy and unaccomplished, something in my mind prompted me to continue my daily rituals of writing a To-Do list – 10 things to do today. As I started jotting down these tasks, I realized that – damn! I have a lot to do today!

This article is number 8 on my to-do list, that’s why you’re reading this now.

Here goes the 11 things you’re probably not doing right in your day to day activities.

  1. Eating too much for breakfast: I like food too, but I don’t get much done when I eat heavy in the morning. A cup of tea and 2 slices of bread should do just fine till 12noon or 2pm, depending on your system.
  2. Counting on other people: What you get most times are postponements or disappointments. I’ve learnt to just be my Plan A, before asking other people for help. It’s a challenge only you can work out before achieving anything.
  3. Procrastinating: That’s why you should have a list of things to do everyday. It’s not easy to not be distracted most times, but when you set your order of priorityies, you’d definitely do many things with super ease. And yes, you will start getting used to it.
  4. Leaving your ideas in your head: Same thing about jotting things down. Otherwise it will just lead right back to Number 3.
  5. Oversleeping: There is rest; and also Over-Sleeping because you don’t want to do anything at all. Trust me, I find myself going down this lane. But once you’ve able to identify your purpose and goals, you’ll see no reason to oversleep. 8 hours of sleep is okay everyday, even sometimes, your intervals at night do mean something.
  6. Envying other people: This is where you develop discontent and hate, then murder. Try to ask yourself; what is it you are capable of doing yourself? When you answer this correctly, then you’d spend the time you use in envying other people to working more on yourself.
  7. Not Reading: Many of us have books and pdfs piled up in our study, but of course – we don’t get enough time to read. Really, you should never have bought/collected it in the first place. But you know you have to read so, you can try one chapter or 10 pages everyday. There, you’ll become the reader you’ve always claimed to be, and you will make ways to learning new things and improvements.
  8. Passing Negative Vibes: Why do you think you are better than some other people? What have you done for yourself? Are you an A+? Are you perfect yourself? If all the answers return to NO, then you need to work positively on yourself first. Try it… this method saves lives!
  9. Worshiping Money: Now that you are broke, what are you going to do? When the money hits again, i have no doubt you’ll be broke again. My point is, praise your passions for your talents, and just maybe, you can have an easy flow of income. I’m  just stating.
  10. Letting your mind control you: Switch it over, you should be able to own your mind. Yea… That’s more like it! You really can do this!
  11. Listening to other people’s opinion over your dreams: Tell them to zip it! This is what you believe in, and you’re willing to die for it! Period! (In Will Smith’s Voice).

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

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7 keys to Gratefulness

The act to finally getting what you’ve always wanted. I truly wish this was a book, but I’m going to cut you some reading slacks and dust into the basic brief points. I'm not exactly
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