Book Review: The Power of Now


It’s amazing how the truths of life are starting to be revealed through the littlest forms of knowledge. This book gave me all the understanding I needed to have towards some certain type of Vibe.

Vibe, as in Vibration – The entire frequency of the universe, the flow of energy through one’s inner body and mind. I recommend this book to anybody who is seeking to BECOME a better version of themselves. If you’re looking to evolve or change your perception towards life and every thing else, this book is probably the first thing to have on your reading list.

It’s spiritual, strong sense for meditation, and helps create an awareness of why you exist. A few of my favorite words from Ekhart Tolle are:

  • Stop investing in a false sense of self.
  • When you create a problem, you create pain.
  • The future is a replica of the past.
  • The present moment is all you will ever have.
  • See if you can give more attention to the doing than to the result that you want to achieve through it.
  • Can anxious thought add a single day to your life? (Jesus asked his disciples in the bible)
  • Make it a habit to monitor your mental-emotional state through self-observation.
  • Separation is the ego’s sense of identity.
  • You cannot find yourself by going into the past, you find yourself by coming into the present.

However, I have attached the PDF file below this article. Read and be enlightened.

PS: I advise that you read to understand, better still, listen to an audio version of  this book, it’ll help develop your moments of meditation.

The Power Of Now ( )

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s!!! 💃🏾 I dedicate this day to my mom, my two lovely kid sisters, all the vibrant and beautiful Ladies and Women on here. You all are super amazing! You’re the reason why this world is kept together in peace and love, we recognize your strength and virtue, your kind support in helping the children and husbands become great, you babes rock!

And finally, I dedicate this too, to the woman #BECOMING inside of me, by God’s own special Grace!

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So Boy Exhausted

I’m not even going to cry about this dude, nope! I’m stronger than that, a super grown and smart, sexy and intelligent woman that I’ve become. Nope! Not. Going. To. Cry.

*Crying like deep shit!*

It’s so disappointing to still keep up the faith that good men still exist out there. I mean, how many more grown up boys do I have to meet before I come across ‘The One’? (I’m talking 28 years and above, good looking, sweet talking boys. I don’t say men really, because, men, are perceived to be married with wives and kids. But you see the grown up boys, yea, they’re the main issue.) This one boy, decided to tell me to my face, that… “My main intention when I first saw you, was just to fuck you and get it over with, but…” Eiiiiii! I didn’t even consider it an indirect warning that he was clearly presenting himself as a ‘FUCK BOY’. Eiiiiiii! This duuuuude, and I just can’t help but think of how stupid I was and felt when he kissed me and made me feel like he could love me deeply! Gooooodness! Well sha… I didn’t wait for him to go on grinding my heart to dust and smacked back at him when he showed dishonesty with his klutzy actions. Thank God, I wasn’t all 100 with him.

I’m literally so boy exhausted, I mean… If I were a boy, I would do a lot of things, but hurting a girl won’t be a part of my To-Do list! Come on, I think we should all just know when a girl or boy is good and when she chooses to be bad, don’t go about breaking jars of heart because you think it makes you cool! Who do you think you are? (Wait, I got a title, DICKHEAD.) No, it makes you stupid and unworthy! I can’t totally accept that I, be treated like an ‘Olosho’ or something. I got myself some declarations that totally work for me, so you can go ahead and F*** Off! (Sorry… Not sorry.)

So… I have (I am trying to, don’t let me lie) deleted tinder, nothing good comes out of it. But… There’s Vee, a friend, who contributed to helping me fix my laptop screen (Yes, I had a broken screen and wasn’t able to write or post anything for over a week now, thanks for asking) yesterday. He’s a good boy (Man, sorry Vee, lol).

And here, I draw the curtains of my emotions and wipe my tears and blow my nose with the left bottom edge of the curtains. Eww right? Well suck on it!!! (Meant that you thin shithole, if you ever come across this article, just know that you suck, and be glad that your name and address isn’t on my blog. Cow!)



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What’s up guys! Okay so, I’m writing a review on Pop beach, I’ve only been there twice and I am obsessed with the place. Don’t worry, I’ll share a few images so you can feel your presence there already. Which is possible by the way, in real time, moving on, this is going to be a long ass fun article, since I last wrote almost 2000 words on my Kush Cake experience. And I know a lot of you are still laughing hard at me, I’m gonna get you! (-_-)

The first time I was at Pop beach was with some boring crew, but I only tagged along because of a job, which I got paid one whole week after. (Ushering Jobs suck!) So, we had an uneventful day, it was supposed to be an after party for Burna Boy, but turned into a Superstar-didn’t-show-up ‘aftermath’, sort of. But you see, everything happens for a reason eh, I got the opportunity to meet with some crazy like minds and exciting souls and I wished they were simply the ones that I was hanging out with. Hold on, I did hung out with them, but I’m gonna cut short my first time experience and move on to my second visit to pop beach, which was awwmazing.

PS: I just feel you should know, that I misunderstood the Job. I literally had my top body painted in some scarce green and black sweat-washable ink, yea, including my big boobs and nipples. I think it’s what you’d call, a nude body painting, but I had my tights on. Then we were like three girls, the other two were so skinny, my God, flat chest and all, nothing like mine, and we were made to dance in front of the crowd in a spotlight for over 4 goddamned hours. I even wore heels. A bit of me just had to, just do it, because I really needed the money ya see, and I just had to get tipsy, and danced like no one was watching! (But… Whaaaaaaaaaat! The whole world was watching, someone even sent me a selfie photo that we took together.) The End! (Or like my Yoruba folks would say, Lobatan).

PSS: If you judge me, I’m gonna forward you my account details and you’ll send twice of what I was paid that day. Mean it!

Jessica Davids is just an awesome person, people like her sort of make the world a better place. She had all the vibe you could ever need from a soul, and she understood my kinda person. So we got in touch weeks after my last visit to pop beach, and I told her that I’d love to do a proper interview with her for my blog (I need to get some of her bio details and photos in the nearest future). So last Sunday, she invited me to the same beach, Pop Beach. I couldn’t turn her down, even when I felt so lazy and reluctant to go anywhere, but hey, I did go, that’s why I’m writing my experience here, and now. (To replace old one too, but you’ll be reading this later on.)

Getting to the point now… Pop beach is exotic, apart from the part that it is a private beach house, it just really gives you all the relaxation you’ll ever need. But let me mentally, take you on a ride with me to this wonderland! You ready? Owe some cash and booze o… Okay let’s go!

You’ve got to take a boat from any ferry park; there’s CMS, Bonny Camp, Farm City in Lekki, Waterside, or Ikoyi Queen’s drive. Fare depends on where, but ranging from N500 – N4000, according to the list, and it’ll take about 30-45 minutes to get there. When you arrive, it’s got like a forest-path, that allows you walk just an eight minutes distance to Pop, it’s a straight-curvy and narrow road, with lots of sand to dig your feet into. Are you there now… This is where you should get spiked on.

They’ve got this colorful art paintings and materials that makes you want to gaze on them for a while, it has a clean 6ft pool and over 7 cabana with a celestial feel that could contain 70 people in them, then you can see the beach from the house, and could actually take a stroll if you wish to. They also have guest houses where you chill in, asides the cabanas. There are security guards, even if they don’t look like it, but I’m sure they know their jobs well. What else am I missing? There’s a tennis table, some workout tools, surf boards, yeeeep! And they got a frigging DJ and a Barbecue stand! Isn’t that so cool? I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures though but, if I get the chance to go there again, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Maybe I’d even celebrate my birthday there this year. (I have more pictures on my instagram if you want to see)

The owner, Akin, is an amazing person too, full of life and nature just deserves him some more.

Okay, this article wasn’t so long… I just want it to get to 1000 words already!

You can follow @popbeachclub on IG, see what they’ve got going on and make all your possible inquiries. Note that, if you’re also gonna have a party there, it can contain like 500 people, just bring a tent and a mattress to create extra cabanas.

PSSS: when is this gonna get to 1000 ugggh! You guys, I’m trying to slim down because we tried some yoga poses and I looked like Mrs Simpson. Ugh! Plus I was putting on a wig, that made me felt so flyyy and one lady by my side, during yoga just decided she could make everyone laugh by taking off my wig, revealing my coconut head. Yoga was meant to be serious! But uhh, “You’re all welcome!!” I made everyone’s day. And we have come to the end of this article! Lots of love!

1004 words!

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We made it you guys! Some part of me is feeling so left out and the rest of me can’t wait to kick some asses these 365 days loading! Unfortunately I didn’t get to blow some knock outs, I didn’t even cross over at the church, I guess I just wanted the last hour to myself. And here I am, pouring out my exact thoughts to you, so if you’re reading this, I want you to know that your support on here has been my greatest motivation to push through, consistently on this very blog. You guys made my 2018 alive!


Happy New Year!


I have my book and pen right in front of me, ready to strike out my distractions and lash out my goals. Who’s with me?


Okay good! Now that that’s done, I’ll like to share a word, or two.


2018 gave me strength, trust, desire, passion, zeal and ways to overcome challenges and gain accomplishments. 2018 has also taught me on how to stay grateful for the things I have and for the people that have shown impact in my life. 2018 taught me to be reliable, independent, to be able to move ahead of disappointments, misunderstandings, odd circumstances, and I must say this too, 2018 has well taught me to stay happy even when money no dey. Now I look forward into 2019, to be able to live above my mistakes, regrets and radiate positive energy throughout my existence. 2018 was such a good year, and I am indeed thankful for getting through it all! Hurrah!

PS: I was sooo unable to complete my 50 books challenge, I read up to 26, and now I’m carrying over to 2019.

The trick here is, having to master the art of reading and to gather useful knowledge about life, business, people and other incentive. In my next article, I will be sharing my reading list and tips to reading and understanding a book faster.



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18-12-18 (7 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS)

Oooh! I am loving this season, even if it doesn’t actually snow, but this feeling of acknowledgeable excitement lingers.

I want Christmas shoes and dresses, and a new wig, screw Adulthood, I will still blow banger. Some of us haven’t exactly crossed 25, which makes us mommy and daddy’s child. But, most of us won’t be getting Christmas gifts from our parents really, instead, we’ll be giving, since we adulted too fast into independency. Anyways, however it may be, let’s just have a good time this Christmas and live the most out of it before all that New Year Resolution, thing creeps in.

For me? I’m on a countdown 7 days to Christmas, and to be honest, I’m not really expecting so much. Christmas always seem the same every year. Well, maybe I’m anticipating a little, like; a mini vacation, Christmas parties, body goals, unexpectedly known accomplishments, plenty money in the bank account, you know, perhaps a ‘Dream Guy’ might actually come in too. I’m just saying, anything can happen, we could all be surprised, and keep the merriment on a higher vibe.

Oh yes, I do have a couple of wishes: I got a new job at a Courier firm, and I wish that I stay committed to developing great work values and be able to manage work stress, together with my daily lifestyle, and to finally identify my main purpose in life.

What do you wish for this Christmas?

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My Experience – Bloody Kush Cake (Part 3)

“You’re having a Panic Attack.” One uncle, who happened to be a doctor that wasn’t helping so much called out to me, and that was all I could focus on. I just thought to myself and made everyone believe that I could handle my situation. What could’ve scared me? I swear that guy was probably too hot for me, so I must’ve panicked from kissing and laughing with him. I was just so calm and happy to see that I didn’t scare him away and he still smiled back at me when I looked at him. Julia, you clumsy bitch!

I did freak out my two friends and a couple of other people though… but I knew for sure, I was going to be fine later on, even though I passed out a couple of times just trying to regain consciousness and all, I just wanted to sleep, wake up and be alright, wishing none of that happened.

So that was my experience with some unknown cupcake and niggas at a beach house party.

I just have 6 things to share from this;

  1. Why would anyone make a shitty drugged cake and not warn people like me about it? Lesson to learn is, always ask what you’re about to eat or drink as you may not be ready for the worse effects that’ll happen.
  2. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol before getting into the pool, and then feed your hunger moments later, as you may need to throw up sadly when your system gets all cranky.
  3. Don’t get too excited because of a fine hot fun guy in a pool… excuse yourself and gain consciousness of your brain and senses before he goes all out on you. Not every guy could be as sweet as the guy I met that day at the beach house party, he cared, stayed by me and brought me to safety.
  4. If you eventually decide to have kush cakes or cannabis brownies, at least you’d be aware of what you’re about to eat, so you’ll be fine. Just make sure to have in little amounts of the cakes, and expect anything weird to happen in 3 hours tops.
  5. Not everybody has good intentions at parties, so be sure to be with people you know and trust, and yes, be nice to people, and radiate positive energy all through your fun time, no depressing attitude.
  6. This doesn’t count really but, don’t ever assume it is just Cruising on a Boat, go prepared. Get your bikini, a sun glass, an SPF120, nice beach outfit, a fully charged phone and a power bank, and if you don’t have any alternatives to this, just decline and sleep at home.

To add to the list, if you laugh at me in this article, you’re going straight to HELL!

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My Experience – Bloody Kush Cake (Part 2)

After jumping in the pool with my short and a borrowed singlet which made my nipples obvious, I settled at the corner of the pool side just to get an alone time. As usual for me, when I’m fitting out of the crowd, I like to get some time alone, to think, to reset. Well, all the men in the pool were up to no good, and I didn’t want to get dirty in the pool with some random pervert. Eww! Except for this one dude, the one who err, you know – Late thirties and goddamn athletic? Yeah, that one. He was so true and honest for some reason. He had upset me once in the pool talking all ‘Threesome’ with his pal, and I gave him the Who do you think I am kinda attitude and just backed off.

Three hours and a couple of minutes before settling in, I was famished. I had my first round of turkey chop, and I was telling this guy all about me. He was a gentleman, he apologized many times, and told me more about himself, got a nice conversation going, and yes, had a good bright sense of humor, which literally turned me on.

This was where the Bloody Kush Cake paved way through my mind.

I was just on the third plate of Grilled turkey when he said something that tickled me off. I was laughing – at first, in a sexy way I thought, trynna get him to kiss me (Which he did), then peeps came around like Woah you guys are killing it. I don’t know but I felt something was about to go off. I thought maybe I was full from all that grilled turkey, but I felt like a grenade. Soon, I wasn’t hearing what anyone was saying, and that’s how I started laughing, so uncontrollably.

So this is was it looked like.

I realized I was laughing so hard and felt the urge to cry… and I started crying. Everything sped up, my brain was taking in too much than my heart and body system could carry. Like when I started crying, everyone was like, “Julia are you okay?” So that question elevated big in my mind, all negative. And the creepy thing was that, I was aware that I was LOSING MY MIND. Every thought that happened in 2 seconds went off like a bomb. I got scared, just by listening to everyone around me. Nothing was normal, and so I started to gasp for air. My lungs were tightened and I was breathing so fast I felt like collapsing. Then someone yelled “OMG! She has asthma! Get her inhaler!” As I processed those words, I thought, Fuck, I have asthma! Shit I’m gonna die!  I got even more scared as a lot of people were starting to ask what was wrong with me, and I saw faces like ‘OH NO!’ and that just creeped me out some more.

So I started to think… God no, I’m not ready to die. I could hear some other guys say – “Won ti Mu” In Yoruba but English means, they’ve gotten her. Like Shit, I’m now mad, I’ve lost it, they gonna use me for some ritual! Don’t even know why my mind went kaboom on me but everything was happening so fast. I was losing memory too, I didn’t know where I was, or who I was. And so one thing clicked…

A sincere prayer to God, and the universe got me through… and I gathered all those positive thoughts and energy right back into my soul. I’m not going to die on a fucking beach house party, no Hell Naw!

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My Experience – Bloody Kush Cake (Part 1)

Where do I start from? Bottom to top? Top to bottom? In the middle of this strange and funny experience? Why am I even writing about “When I first ate Kush Cakes”?

Okay just promise not to laugh dude, because I almost died! And this is serious!

Hey! I’m telling you all about it and don’t you dare… Laugh!


Boat Cruise, Christiana had invited me the night before, and I loved the thought of it. I was at Silver Fox with this dry Yoruba guy, the strippers looked lame and all, nothing fancy, just titties and ass all up in my sight. So I decided to drink up and imagine myself on that pole, calling attentions with my slick moves… (Not the Topic you perv haha)

Then Saturday morning happened all of a sudden, missed calls from Christiana, so, yaaay! Boat cruise boutta get lit! But me, ever-ly so disorganized for a basic hangout, freshened up, wore a denim short and a cheap looking T-Shirt, my cool Nike sneakers, and of course, a red face cap to cover up my newly blonde shaved head. So unlike me for a hangout, I could care less, but my 2 bougie ass friends won’t! Oh whatever.

I drove down to Farm City Lekki from Ajah, and all the terrible traffic in a Taxify. Yes, the driver let me drive. (I think he was sick or something, so I drove. PS: I enjoy driving so no big deal really.) When I finally arrived, the look on Christiana’s face was like – Yh I took a lot of hours to get there, so I made it punk ass bitch!

I felt so uncomfortable, like a stupid errand boy, I had to wear some big round earrings, which made me feel too odd, and then I noticed a couple of guys, I think two of em were staring.

“Nice outfit.” I turned back as we were all heading to the boat on that shaky thing that could make you stumble into the dirty water if you’re not careful. Haha, this guy thinks I’m stupid, great! I thought he was making jest of me. Man was cute, late thirties, but goddamn athletic. (I really don’t want to go into all that detail now, not ever!)

We arrived at the beach house, from the boat, then on a beach bike. So, apparently it wasn’t a boat cruise, ha! I was so unprepared for this, but who cared? I just wanted to eat and have fun. The weekend always have a way of getting me to do wild stuff, which I really don’t mind. And at that point, cupcakes were about to light up my day.

Please, tell me, who doesn’t like cupcakes huh? Especially the ones with icing on em. I was famished pretty good and had a mouthful off the top of the brown cupcake I had grabbed from the cake box. Yuk! Didn’t even taste that nice, but I was looking forward to the hot spicy grills!

Spoilers: The Cupcake was the Bloody Kush Cake… With sweet molly ICING!

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12 Things You Don’t Know About This Author – (ME!)

Yea, that’s right! But I’m going to try to make it less or none-shocking so I don’t scare you off my blog. Haha! Don’t want you going, “OMG!” or P-Squared on me, you and I, we cool like that! (We’re inseparable! *Whispers*)

Okay let’s cut to the chase, what am I now, a topic? Ooh, I can’t even believe I’m gonna post some part of my personal business on here. Least, I know who’s here reading most times hehe… But before the list, I’m really curios to know what my readers on here think about me, and I know most of y’all are boys-2-men, so I should be getting some, ya know, positive ‘Sensual’ feedbacks hmm? Okay… Here goes, nothing.

Well, what don’t you know about me?

  1. I’m an INDEPENDENT 22 years OLD: There, now you know. I act a little too matured for my age sometimes, and other rare times, when I joke a lot, I could even be 18.
  2. I was a runaway at 15: Once a stubborn head always a stubborn head. I wanted to start new things on my own without having my parents to tell me what to do according to their will. That managed to work somehow. Haha.
  3. I Drink, I Smoke: But I swear it, I hardly do any these days. Bad influence and a little work stress, but I really do take responsibilities for most of my actions. These day, you’ve got to force me to take a shot, or anger me to take a cigarette. (Or we’ve just got to get in the mood to smoke a blunt together.)
  4. I enjoy Swimming: Liiiike, I could be your personal mermaid even you want. (Not happening) So I learnt how to swim, by almost drowning. I still find this funny ASF!
  5. I’m a Gym Rat: Not to lose weight really, I just love getting all that agility into toning my body. I could be a little show off too, because I can do it! I work out 5-6 times in a week. Sometimes 9 times, morning and night haha.
  6. I’m Single: ^_o And I’m not quite ready for a relationship either. It’s hard falling in love again with any man actually. (But I get the D when I want to Haha)
  7. I’ve got a sweet tooth: After food, sugar becomes the perfect desert for me. Other times, I just snack on sweet stuff just to feel better.
  8. I’ve Had Kush Cakes recently: And I didn’t knoooow! I literally almost died, but I’m just gonna save this for a new article. (You can search on my blog for Kush Cakes)
  9. I Love Planning: A lot! Like writing down my goals, To-Do Lists and all. I like to get more done than the usual.
  10. I don’t keep friends: Don’t know how to, don’t think I ever will. But, I do have some certain type of friends though, the party type and the business types and the, Just-Acquainted types.
  11. I LoooooVe Watching Cartoons: I think still mispronounce Nickelodeon.
  12. I consider myself to be a terrific dancer! Whoop Whoop! I will share a video of me dancing one of these days haha!

I really wish I had elongated this list, but then, I’d be giving too much info on the internet!

PS: Let me use this medium to thank everyone that has been reading on TWJ, you guys are the next big thing! Lots of Love!

PSS: I’m down to 11 books on my road to 50 books! I’m really battling with this though, but I believe I can do this.

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