Meet Thoche – An Ankara Bag & Accessory Brand

I came across this ankara brand about a month ago on Instagram, and I was amazed by her crafts and designs. She introduced her new ankara laptop bag design on her IG story, it was the first I’d ever seen, so I placed an order for one. (See image below 😍)

This bag literally fits in my work laptop, a 500 paged book, my 2 journals, my under arm sure spray, and still has more spaces in the bag.


Her full names are Igbukolu Anthonia Uchechukwu and she is a certified bag maker. A graduate of Petroleum Engineering with a passion for designing and creating handmade bags and accessories. Thoche was born out of passion to do something after realizing that the labor market wasn’t going to be favorable to her.

Thoche Enterprises designs and creates 100% handmade bags and accessories with African prints mostly, all designed to make my amazing clients stand out.

She learnt to make bags in 2015 at a 2 weeks skills acquisition training organized by her church. Her decision to turn that skill into a business 3 years later came from understanding that the basic skill she was given could be used to create amazing pieces.
So there you have it people, vibrancy and creativity equals a sustainable business.
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Olamide Ogungbemi Emerged Winner of the Founder Institute Program for Start-Ups in Lagos

Founder Institute in Lagos

On 16th of May, 2019, Olamide Ogungbemi and her partner, Mercy Akowe emerged the preferred candidates for the Female Founder fellowship program in Lagos.

The Founder Institute offers more opportunities for promising Founders, to launch companies in the Institute’s Idea-stage startup accelerator program.

However; “The Founder Institute is committed to narrowing the gender gap in high tech startups and in order to empower more females to launch technology companies, we have launched the Female Founder Initiative, to create more opportunities for female Founders, through the Institute and enable women to build successful companies”, explains, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr., Co-Director, FI Lagos.

Founder Institute in LagosConsidering that the world needs more creative people with crazy dreams enough to change the world, Olamide and her partner envisioned the idea of helping children grow into their biggest imaginations and out-think solutions to problems. As parents learn the importance of a child’s ability without underestimating the ordinaries, these upcoming adults are the real future leaders.

In addition – Don’t let somebody tell you that your dreams are too big to be achieved. Yes it might take sometime, but it will pay off one day soon. Don’t you dare – stop doing what you do, someone is watching your every move, and when you least expect it, you’ll have that big break.

Info Credit: Business Day.

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The Digital Herbalist (Consulting the gods of Digital Marketing)

If you’re looking for one of the best e – Marketing Moguls, well my friend, your prayers have just been answered!

Here’s a quick interview summary with the Digital Marketing Man of Honor

Welcome to the Shrine.

The Digital Herbalist is a modern expert who loves art, respects culture and has a good knowledge about technology in the tech-world. My passion for transforming and levitating brands in all aspect of online marketing flows through my ability to capitalize on every strategy for the overall benefit of startups or established enterprises trying to reach consumers.

In lay man’s term, I create ideas, strategies, designs, and advertising services to get businesses more customers on the digital space.

Digital Marketing Mogul

The names my parents gave me without my consent are Joel and Chizuruoke, and at the age of 20, I changed their last name to father’s first name (Samuel). I am the first and only son out of four children (Just look at how they set me up).

They told me, I hail from the state that God owns in Nigeria and because they saw me as an excellent child coming forth into this world, my mother had to offload me at the center of excellence and I am still here. (If you cannot figure out the original names of the states mentioned above, you need Jesus… lol).

To pass time, I most times play football, hangout with my friends, surf in internet, watch movies. (My love for horror movies is heavenly)

I currently have my B.Sc. in the school of hard knock life, striving to get my PhD, Masters and so on but for the formal education itself, I still seek admission into higher institution. Just working hard to change the rubber spoon my parents offloaded me with, to a full set of gold, silver, diamond, platinum spoons.

My experience, good character, hard work and creativity are currently helping me work with one of the best advertising agency in the world. (Levitate Creative Studios) and The Digital Shrine as well.

How the name “The Digital Herbalist” was created

Before I tell you how and why I came up with this weird some name “The Digital Herbalist” I would like you to picture me in a movie scene, striking the remembering pose, as the camera fades away from me..

I was in church one faithful morning (yes, I said faithful) talking to God, (I bin dey complain small sha) telling him about my plans, the things I have done and the things I wanted do. Then a voice spoke to me and that was how we started talking.

The Voice: Are you done?

Samuel’s son: No, am not. All my life, I have been doing different kind of weird jobs, just to survive… from selling sand from the gutter, a motor boy for a Guinness trailer and so on…

The Voice: Okayyy, so tell me, what are you really good at?

Samuel’s son: I am good at helping people, seeing them happy and grow in whatever good thing that they do.

The Voice: So instead of being disrespectful to me, why don’t you offer solutions to grow businesses and brands online, abi, your certification from Google and other agencies are for fancy?

Samuel’s son: Everybody is a digital marketer online na. How do I go about it?

The Voice: Hmmm, be creative. Despite the fact that you don’t like Nollywood movies, who is the first person, most people go to for help in Nollywood movies?

Samuel’s son: Lmao…  Babalawo.

The Voice: Good… Mark Zuckerberg and co are gods in the digital world, you have learnt how to use their tools, learnt how to speak to people digitally, now add value to all.

Samuel’s son: WOW… This is crazy. (The Digital Herbalist) I hope they will buy and understand the idea.

The Voice: Do a survey with a few friends of yours and if all the response you get is NO… Go for it and make them see otherwise. And besides, you are ORIGINAL and you want to add VALUE…

So guys that is how the name “The Digital Herbalist” was created.

My advice to the Millennial

This advice I am sharing with you was given to me, out of love, from my father and it has kept me going all these years and I intend to share it with my kids as well.

My Father’s Advice to Me: If you do anything or join anyone or go anywhere that would land you in prison, my two legs will not smell that station. So I employ you to be honest in all your dealings, humble wherever you find yourself and be heaven conscious because that is where home is.

We all have heard different types of advice and we know what is right and what is wrong.

I love you all! Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram @thedigitalherbalist

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Sensational Art – Creativity Redefined with Kolawole Olalekan

I came across this Instagram page sometime last week and saw some images, portraying sensational art. These pictures were striking and hypnotizing; I wasn’t quite sure what had motivated the artist behind the paintings. I analyzed the artworks and quickly picked a sense of meaning to every image on his profile.



This image describes the high life of Lagos women: Friday night parties, Saturdays for Owanbes and Sunday mornings – Church Service.

About The Work

This art is the product of dreams beyond the boundaries of human enterprise and innovation. A synergy that divides its interpretation in the variety of minds and holds no bounds to a particular human thought or emotion.

About The Artist

Kolawole Olalekan, a sensational fine artist whose intuitive mind swims in formless colors and shapes which he solidifies and brings to astonishing form using simple and easy materials for the pleasure and experience of all. For those who speak and understand the language of Art, Olalekan’s master pieces delivers a keynote to them.

He uses coffee, acrylics, ink, pen, marker and charcoal on both canvas and paper. He’s also a full time studio artist and presently living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Click here to see more of Kolawole’s artworks.

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