Don’t Fake It, Prove It!

Don’t Fake It, Prove It!

So, this thing about “Fake it till you make it” has a strong misconception about who we are and want to become. To make this topic more comfortable, I’ll narrow it to a recent event.

A week ago, I was tired and got into a cab with this lady. She asked some questions and I tried answering. We exchanged email addresses and started a conversation that same night.

I could’ve degraded her and held myself in a high place, act all bougee and stuff, but I had to submit myself to the energy of that moment.

Just yesterday, I and my colleague concluded a meeting with her firm and it was successful. I thought to myself; I didn’t know she worked for this organization. “Oh Mah Gosh!!” I could’ve lied about my job or who I am or something, and missed out on a great opportunity.

Point is: Prove it to people about how excellent you manage your current state. Sometimes, you don’t necessarily need to fake who you are already to who you’re totally not. If you play alot and still get things done, don’t you dare change that part of you, because someone out there is looking to connect with your weird ass.

Being WEIRD, is the new AWESOME!!!

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