Not To Self

Dear Julia,

I’m happy to have met you. You won’t believe if I told you that, you are gradually becoming the woman I have hoped and prayed for. I know you still aim at being perfect, but you’re starting to look so much more than perfect. Even if you don’t see it for yourself – yet, you blow my mind away every single day.

How do you do it again? How have you become really mature at 23? How do you know when someone is about to deceive you? How and when did you realize that enough is not good enough? Oh, I guess that’s the new intuition you’ve invested in you. That’s so cool babe!

Oh well, I hope you really do have a blast, I’m completely looking up to you – to the good that you do and the great things that you would still accomplish.

Go on ahead, Wonder Woman!


The author Julia

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