Game of Thrones Season 8 (Episode 2)

GOT is starting to not look like what we waited for this long.

“Whyyyyy Arya!” But good lord we couldn’t have asked for more!

After waiting 2 years for the first episode of GOT, the trailer for episode two was aired, accompanied with more excitement mixed with fear and expectations.

So Jaime Lannister stunned in with a HOT hair-do, Daenerys comes face-to-face with the ‘Kind Slayer’ for murdering her father, Sansa is in this fight too with the Mother of Dragons, that they should have trusted Cersei (it probably meant for all the good to not have happened), Jon Snow in dilemma and ‘End of Time’ battle (so help him God), Arya…

Oh dear strong brave magnificent Arya (that guy don’t deserve you) “death has many faces – I look forward to seeing this one.”

Sigh… *belly rumbles* * tear drop*

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