Hello September!

Hello September!

It’s Been A While

Honestly, I’m not sure where I get this courage-refill from, every time I put my mind to doing something, let’s just say that I have resolved to just doing it anyways. I’m certainly not a perfectionist, but I try my best to make sure that everything I do is done correctly, without any big errors, otherwise, I could care less.

I don’t care about how this piece of article is going to come on this blog, but I would feel so much better knowing that I am back to blogging this time, with fresh new ideas and creativity.

I’ve been learning new things; remember that job I was so excited about? Well guess not, this will be my 5th month working for that organization. Turns out the plans they have is so much bigger than my expectation, so I have no regrets fulfilling dreams with them. I’ve decided that after the 6th month of employment with the organization, I’ll brag about them some here. It has been an awesome journey so far, 9-6 jobs don’t seem so bad after all. (You’ll understand soon)

My mom fell ill; I’ve been wondering what it feels like to not feel the left side of the body. From your face down to your toe, that sucks! I couldn’t believe that happened to mom, and I’ve been thinking, could I have been the cause of her stroke? She thinks a lot a lot about us, the things she expects from us and how, I specifically, have let her down in so many ways. I feel responsible for her, and I am going to try a lot harder to make her feel happy and free from worries.

Oh well, I consider this event to be a reminder of my purpose in life. I am close, but feels far, so I know now to put in more work, and passion, and faith in whatever it is that I dream of. Amen!

I’m currently looking for an apartment. When I settle, I’ll be more isolated to my goals and dreams, especially with the company I work for. I am looking forward to the great things that are yet to happen. Even you would know what I mean. If I put in all the work and plan toward it, boom! I’ll get there in no time.

This year’s coming to an end, I have also resolved to making one post per week on TWJ (Every Monday at 8:00AM), regular exercise, healthy eating, full focus at my Job,  0020read more often, attend seminars and events for networking, new side business plan, and ensure to write all my ideas in my journal. I am working towards a side business that could help fetch more funds asides my monthly salary, which is never enough. I will finish my second ebook and start the third one for 2019, then also, I will create a podcast account, and start vlogging. I’ve always wanted to talk about the things I write about.

The kicking? It’s just a job, do it to get paid, but don’t let it affect your personal dreams, because that, is truly your ultimate drive.

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