How To Know When You’re Being Inconsistent

How To Know When You’re Being Inconsistent

Okay… How do I know that I’ve been totally inconsistent for a while? Despite my full time job that allows me to learn a few things, I’ve been wondering what ‘Trends With Julia’ could be if I had kept the articles rolling in regularly. Truth is, I’m not sure, but I am of great expectations that I could be doing a lot more than usual. Actually, I’ve been busy, but the question is, busy doing what?

I started working for this amazing organization for the past 6 months now, and trust me, it is so challenging that sometimes, I think of quitting. I’ve never really been pushed to a mark of achieving great things, I honestly now have the opportunity to learn more about myself, and seek purpose and a new meaning to life. My life has never been outside the walls of what I know, but with this organization, I get the chance to explore much more.

So, have I really been inconsistent? Yes, I have. There’s no harm admitting the things that don’t rhyme well to the usual things, but really, have I been paying more attention to achieving better things in my career? What is my career anyway? I don’t know, I’m just picking up bits of wonderful knowledge about how things work. I’ve realized that, the faster I figure the next plan after the next plan, the better I become, the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

I have a lot of ideas, I try to write them down, but I don’t quite measure them out. Even when I set a timeline, or a deadline, I don’t follow through. Permit to blame it on the distractions around me. I’ve picked up a new hobby to just worshiping myself in front of my iPhone camera, forgetting that I could also be using that time to doing something worth it. No doubt, self-love can be awfully and surprisingly deceiving, at least I’m aware that I waste my time.

So how do you know, when you’re been inconsistent? By looking deeply into yourself, to see what could be missing. If you try to count your blessings, and they don’t match up to the number of talents and capabilities God has enriched you with, put YOU up for a challenge. Or maybe two… But always try to push to know what you could learn, and do more of what is working.

If you’re a creative like me, I’d say; embrace those distractions, only maybe a few time when you experience a burnout, but know the difference between laziness and a creative burnout. If something isn’t working out the way you have planned it out to be, always keep in mind that there’s always an alternative to getting it right.

For example, this article wasn’t planned, but I have had 5 hours today achieving nothing. This is something, maybe it’ll spark up the flame of my capabilities. I’m energized to see what the rest of today would hold. I’ll continue the usual routine of 10 to-do list, starting with my laundry, I guess.

You can do this, just give it a shot, consistency lies within you, but you need to embrace hard work a little bit more.

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