How To Let Your Light Shine

How To Let Your Light Shine

I believe that there are three kinds of people in this Life.

  1. People who participate in your dreams and ideas because they’ve always believed in you, and they know that with a little push of motivation, you will certainly excel.
  2. People who congratulate your achievements because you’ve now become some kind of superstar that they adore, but don’t really take part in your moments of challenges; that’s not exactly their problem, but they see you do good things and hail you from afar.
  3. People who are intuitively regressive; it is in your moments of trails and setbacks that they observe you and throw unwanted advises at you. These kinds of people have never really done anything successful in life, so they’re looking for others to drag down with them. And hey, you’re probably the first guy that has attempted what they’ve always been scared to do.

Now, for the real question; How to let your light shine?

Keep Doing What You’re Doing!

If your ideas are too big for someone else to understand, then that idea is all yours. As long as it is good, and you believe deeply in it, nothing can ever go wrong with it. You have just beaten out all odds, so if you can activate your faith and work together, you can overcome anything.

…and the only way to let your light shine, is by


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