Just Breathe

Just Breathe

If it’s hurting – Then that’s good! Welcome to the passing stage of becoming a HERO. Now, how do you manage this situation? How is it even possible to let go of the pain? Relax – You can do this…


I know what it’s like to feel demoralized, de-energized; like you don’t have anything to live for. Trust me, I’ve been there; as a matter of fact, I was down this lane 20 hours ago. Which is why I’m inspired to publish this article.

When you start to feel like all hope is gone, don’t forget to let a huge amount of air into your lungs and observe the energy and life flowing through you. This is how you heal; remember that as long as you’re breathing, you still got a purpose to fulfill and that alone, is a million dollar blessing!


I want you to consider your alone times as a phase of creation. The ability to create something new comes from sincere meditation – and this can only occur when you spend some time all-by-yourself. Yes! Loneliness can be even so much exciting when you’ve finally discovered your true potentials.

Nah… Loneliness ain’t no depression – Depression is actually caused by a wrong effect of your mind. What I mean is – Whatever you think, you will become. So if you think you’re unworthy of the greatest miracles and wonders that’s meant for your life, then you’ll attract more stuff like that – frustration and the rest of those demons.

Now… Let me remind you again to –


You can only get better. And if you need to talk to somebody, I’m only one call away!

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