Moments of Creation (Un-defining Depression)

Undefining Depression
Do you think isolation can be a good thing? Not in anyway related to depression, but in a much more positive light, have you ever considered loneliness to be a cause for Creation, or a re-plan?
I was invited to talk on a vlog episode yesterday, and was asked what I do to avoid a state of depression… I replied with ‘loneliness’ and the other guest responded with a shock, “You must be sad then…”
Truth is, I spend most of my times alone; I get zoned into moments of Creation. If before I complained about getting bored or being slightly jobless, I obviously haven’t found what it was that I truly loved to do. But yeah, I’ve come to realize that I’m very different, and that makes me feel special in some type of way.

I often ask myself: why isn’t stew served before rice? Well, maybe because some cook woke up one morning and got creative with liquid on solid. So as I also think about who made a mark on loneliness and gave it a tag DEPRESSION? Yeah well, there are many people who feel depressed, and even die from it over time. And so, they might as well have gotten a bad news from a doctor, “You have a chronic depression”.
Okay let’s slow down for a minute… Does this even make sense to you?
Everyday new words are invented by the ‘Experts‘, mind and body illness are given a disease TAG – Anxiety, Frustration, Loneliness, Depression, what else is there? Oh so you know these other guys?
But do you know who you are? Do you believe you’re a ‘god’ and so these things should never make up for what your life should be about? Have you thought about the deadliness of Cancer? Does it scare you a little bit?
Well it does to me, and that’s good! Because I’m reminded of how healthy I am, the life and energy flowing through me, my amazingly short African hair, and my skin tone. Proof that I’m not dying anytime soon, that everyday as I wake up to see a new day, that there’s hope, and my purpose is still intact. That, I still have some work to do, and that this Universe is not done with me yet.
I want to be remembered for the great things that I have done and still yet to do. I want someone to look up to me and say “because of you I never gave up”. I want people to have an unending happiness because they found me funny, intriguing, loving, caring, and above all deserving. I want to leave my mark on the sands of time, I want the wind to whisper my name, the ocean singing me a lullaby, and the clouds forming images of my face right before I die – before I move on to the next life. These are the thoughts are flooded in my head, and I get to create awesome things – when I spend time alone, I discover myself and my purpose, and with that I am one step closer to achieving my dreams – to becoming what I was born to be. My Moments of Creation.
And so I ask you… What will you be remembered for, if you died tomorrow?

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