Note 2 Self – Episode 1

Note 2 Self – Episode 1

Dear Julia,

I have never doubted your ability to do things beyond your limit, and every time I look at you in the mirror, I’m grateful to have met you.

This world may not seem like the best place to be, but it sure is the right place to start living. I know people often seem different in the society that you’ve grown up in, and I understand the many questions that storm your mind every night and day. I have not  ignored the fact that you’re still a work in progress, but hear me now; you just have to trust the process.

As you live by every single day, there’s someone out there that just wants to be reminded by you that they too, can do it: But you have got to make YOU first, your Ultimate Priority.

It doesn’t make you a narcissist or whatever selfishness people might think of you, it just simply means that your cup needs to be filled first, so that when you overflow, you can reach multitudes of people and show them how to fill their cups.

I know that you believe in the world, and that we all could use an extra ‘GOODNESS‘ to be happy, but it just can’t be as easy as we think of it. So remember, you’re such a good person, and maybe the world needs a little bit of you.

These challenges don’t define you, but overcoming them is what truly makes you.

You are strong and powerful, beautiful and smart, you have a sound mind, and I love you so much!

With all my heart…

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