Being Assertive and a Little Pushy

The differences are on a tiny string, most people might confuse both meanings. Please allow me to define these 2 strong terms –


                Having or showing a confident and forceful personality. In simple terms, you can refer to an assertive person as self – confident, self-assured, firm, positive, determined, dominant, insistent, bold and decisive. In the field of psychology, assertiveness is totally considered a learnable skill and mode of communication.


            Being pushy is slightly the opposite of assertiveness; you’re either over-confident or unpleasantly self-assured about something. You can refer to a pushy person as driven, ambitious, aggressive, obtrusive, bossy, arrogant, over-bearing and domineering. So a pushy person can actually be aggressive to an objectionable degree.

The good thing about being assertive and a little pushy is you know what you want, what you got to do to get what you want. I consider myself assertive and sometimes pushy because, in this world, if you don’t speak or fight for yourself, no one will. It’s like trying to win a race with all your strength, regardless of all the obstacles behind and in front of you, either ways, you’ve got to keep pushing. When we aim at a particular goal in life, we already understand that hard work pays off eventually, with a positive mind and truly, that’s all you’ll ever need to win the race of survival.

At least I try not to be so pushy to my boss – Yo, how the F**K am I gonna get paid? Just be nice eh. Lol

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