Everything Happens For A Reason.

There’s always a Better plan; Every breath you take is proof that you are not dead and that you have a calling towards life.

Your struggles and hardships are designed to shape you into becoming a Better version of yourself.

When you make mistakes, you should learn from them. Your mistakes are meant to grow your understanding of how things should work.
Rejections are huge blessings that there’s something much more better than what you already signed up for.

So relax, and believe that everything that’s happened or happening is redirected for your greater good.

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Just Do What You Gotta Do!

“To get something you’ve never had, you are going to do what you’ve never done before.” I asked my dad for N2000 Airtel airtime so I could subscribe for data at work today, and he
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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s!!! 💃🏾 I dedicate this day to my mom, my two lovely kid sisters, all the vibrant and beautiful Ladies and Women on here. You all are super amazing! You’re the reason why this world is kept together in peace and love, we recognize your strength and virtue, your kind support in helping
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Life Hacks

7 keys to Gratefulness

The act to finally getting what you’ve always wanted. I truly wish this was a book, but I’m going to cut you some reading slacks and dust into the basic brief points. I'm not exactly
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