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I came across this Instagram page sometime last week and saw some images, portraying sensational art. These pictures were striking and hypnotizing; I wasn’t quite sure what had motivated the artist behind the paintings. I analyzed the artworks and quickly picked a sense of meaning to every image on his profile.



This image describes the high life of Lagos women: Friday night parties, Saturdays for Owanbes and Sunday mornings – Church Service.

About The Work

This art is the product of dreams beyond the boundaries of human enterprise and innovation. A synergy that divides its interpretation in the variety of minds and holds no bounds to a particular human thought or emotion.

About The Artist

Kolawole Olalekan, a sensational fine artist whose intuitive mind swims in formless colors and shapes which he solidifies and brings to astonishing form using simple and easy materials for the pleasure and experience of all. For those who speak and understand the language of Art, Olalekan’s master pieces delivers a keynote to them.

He uses coffee, acrylics, ink, pen, marker and charcoal on both canvas and paper. He’s also a full time studio artist and presently living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Click here to see more of Kolawole’s artworks.

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