The Importance of Communication

The Importance of Communication


The best way to communicate is by listening. Let me explain why…

Two months ago, when I started working for my current employer, paying attention to detail was difficult. I had my own ideas and ready to take initiatives without being asked to, but what I didn’t understand was why so much procedures on my job had to be taken.

I applied for the role of a digital marketing executive, with 45% knowledge of that profession, I couldn’t accept facts over matter. My miscommunication led to several mistakes and even misunderstandings between the organization and its’ partners. I realized I haven’t been listening and that I needed to slow down, unlearn what I already knew to be able to acquire new skills. In these two months, it’s been progressive and my role has stepped up to being a Community Relations Analyst.

So, this is life, I believe we have to slow down sometimes and try to see things from other people’s perspective. When we don’t listen or give attention to detail, we miss out on some vital information, and as such, unable to work efficiently or keep a good relationship. I tell myself occasionally, “Julia, you need to keep quiet, listen” because I’m a pretty good talkative myself, but I always have to acknowledge other people’s perspective.

Communication deals with a lot of mutual understanding. You have to be able to listen to understand, then to communicate. To avoid colliding into the other person’s angle, you must ensure that as you listen to every word, your eyes remain fixed on their body language. In the case of conversing over a phone call of text message, be mindful of your tone, especially if you have a strong relationship with them. However, submission is crucial for effective communication in the sense that, you try to agree to their own opinions first, before bringing out yours. Not necessarily agree, but show regards to their point of view.

I’m not big on communication myself, I believe it’s a process, getting to know someone, how things are done, sharing and implementing ideas, for the improvement of any cause.

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