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Why You Need the Weekend (Vibes) To Yourself

I had a blast this past weekend.

Saturdays and Sundays never felt better: I slept 7 hours three times and somehow, it just made me feel better. For the first time in so long, I actually don’t remember not bringing work home on weekends. So, I deliberately opted out of carried-over work, invited a friend over, talked, laughed, read ‘Daughters Who Walk this Path’ by Yejide Kilanko, and I would do this over again.

It made me realize how LIVING is so much important than… Living. (You Know What I Mean?)

Life should not always ‘HAPPEN’ and take its’ true meaning away from us. It shouldn’t be a mask of suffering, it should be lived and loved and loved some more (I don’t know if you’re feeling this).

However, why do you need the weekend to yourself? Because you get to refill your vibes for the next week! Yeap! Weekend vibes, reeling into the next 5 days of completing official tasks- achieving so much more than you could ever had planned for. In spite of doing laundries and cooking great home meals, you just know when you are resting your mind, spirit and body, an entire 48+ hours before a new week – begins.

Catch me outside, how bou’that?


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